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Lebanon: Fuel for thought

Published:  15 September, 2021

Lebanon’s latest winemaking challenge is a fuel crisis that has left wineries fighting for power, as Andrew Catchpole reports


Evolution in motion

Published:  08 September, 2021

The growing no/low-alcohol cocktail category has seen some serious innovation as bars and consumers seek more substance in their drinks. Clinton Cawood reports on the latest trends


Ready-made cocktails take off

Published:  06 September, 2021

Pre-batched cocktails hit the spot when it comes to consistency, reducing waste and prep time, according to their advocates, as Lisa Riley reports.


Cocktails: Cans win for on-the-move

Published:  02 September, 2021

Ready-to-drink cocktails continue to grow in popularity despite the reopening of the on-trade. Lisa Riley reports.


Bring back brandy

Published:  31 August, 2021

The dark spirit has fallen out of fashion when it comes to cocktails, but there are many reasons to reconsider brandy as a mixing ingredient. Jacopo Mazzeo reports.


SA: When more is less

Published:  26 August, 2021

With South Africa’s wine industry enduring many challenges, including oversupply, we speak to leading producers and importers/buyers to assess how these will affect the country’s position in key markets, such as the UK. By Andrew Catchpole.


Mind the gap

Published:  25 August, 2021

In a drinks world dominated by pale-pink rosé, sweet Italian fizz and a glut of Argentinian Malbec, businesses have to find a sweet spot between pushing the wine category forwards while catering to popular consumer tastes. It’s a delicate balance, says Jo Gilbert.


On-trade is still king for cocktails

Published:  23 August, 2021

Following a tough year of on-and-off lockdowns, consumers across England celebrated the reopening of the on-trade by splashing out on much-missed cocktails, with CGA recording a wave of interest in the popular drinks as consumers sought high-tempo occasions when going out finally returned to the menu. 


Picking up with The Drop

Published:  19 August, 2021

Blending nationwide delivery app, wine bars that retail and ambitious franchisee model, The Drop is taking hybrid to the next level. Andrew Catchpole reports.


'Experience-first' reopening: How hospitality came back with a bang

Published:  17 August, 2021

Since July’s fuller reopening of the on-trade, UK venues are determined to come back with a bang in order to coax punters away from well-stocked home bars. Jo Gilbert takes flight into the new world of ‘experience first’ hospitality


Unsustainable future

Published:  16 August, 2021

Following the successful lobbying of government to ditch the much-derided and unnecessary VI-1 forms for wine imports, trade voices are gearing up for another battle, this time concerning organic wines.


On-trade reopening: Limited freedom

Published:  12 August, 2021

With 19 July having been billed as ‘freedom day’, some concerning trends are shaping customers’ return to on-trade venues. Andrew Catchpole reports.


Staycations: mixed reactions to summer boom

Published:  11 August, 2021

The UK’s regions are enjoying a burst of attention with staycationers going in search of the British sun. It’s a shame venues can’t get the staff, says Jo Gilbert.


‘Pingdemic’ brings more pain

Published:  09 August, 2021

Pandemic restrictions may have been lifted, but for hospitality businesses desperate to welcome punters back, a new challenge is thwarting their ambitions. Lisa Riley reports


Exploring alternative premium whites

Published:  05 August, 2021

Modern food and lifestyle choices often naturally lend themselves to white wine, but is the trade doing enough to encourage consumers to trade up and seek out premium choices beyond the usual suspects? In a world where reds often hold top spot, Andrew Catchpole invited a panel to discuss how to better capitalise on and communicate the USPs of alternative higher-end whites, to inspire and broaden consumers’ repertoire, to the benefit of both trade and punter alike. DO Rías Baixas provided the sponsorship and wines in order to whet appetites for the session.


Selling independence

Published:  02 August, 2021

With on-trade reopening still disrupted, Andrew Catchpole assesses the impact and opportunities for indies’ wholesale operations.


Premium spirits: Paying the price of lockdown

Published:  28 July, 2021


Adding A Splash Of Italian Style

Published:  26 July, 2021

With sparkling driving growth in the UK, Harpers partnered with Consorzio Franciacorta to explore the role that Italy’s premier sparkling wine can play in furthering that lift. James Lawrence reports


Australian wine exports: where do they go from here?

Published:  22 July, 2021

Tyson Stelzer looks at the ramifications of China’s extreme tariffs on Australian wine exports.


Wine: A circular sensation?

Published:  21 July, 2021

Having hosted the ‘Can wine be part of the circular economy?’ debate at the London Wine Fair, Jamie Goode reports back on the sustainability issues in wine packaging.