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Chile's fairytale variety

Published:  08 April, 2022

Having flown majorly under the radar in Chile since the nineties, when so-called ‘late-ripening’ Merlot was finally outed as Bordeaux varietal Carmenère, the grape has gone on a serious journey of self-discovery.


How the on-trade is advancing Chile and Argentina up the wine list

Published:  06 April, 2022

With its menu populated by Central and South American delicacies, Paladar aptly defines itself as “the taste of Latin America in the heart of London SE1”. To match its geographical scope, the restaurant’s wine list consists of labels from Peru, Uruguay, Brazil, and Mexico. Chile and Argentina feature too, of course – South America-themed restaurants serve as their natural home. Elsewhere however, the continent’s two leading wine-producing countries tend to be relegated to the cheaper end of the wine list.


Can Chile hot up?

Published:  04 April, 2022

The talk among Chile’s firmament of terroir-focused wineries is of site selection, with many smaller brands promoting sub-zones and regionality, emphasising the superior quality of cool-climate vineyards such as Lo Abarca in San Antonio or Los Morros in Maipo. Proponents of this approach have long argued that terroir creates added value, encouraging consumers to leap into premium styles.


Raising the flag for Argentina

Published:  01 April, 2022

Looking back on Malbec’s ascent, it has followed quite a remarkable trajectory, delivering for Argentina the kind of hero grape recognition that perhaps only New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc can rival. In most of its markets, though, Malbec has firmly embedded itself a couple of notches above entry-level, typically with only a handful of rarefied listings on a more premium perch. In some ways, it’s a story reminiscent of Rioja’s, with the wines providing ample pleasure, accessibility and quality for just a small number of pounds above the entry-level.


Talking heads; Malbec and beyond

Published:  30 March, 2022

Buyers and critics alike share a snapshot of what currently excites them about South America with Sonya Hook.


Andean offer

Published:  28 March, 2022

Both as wine producers and countries, Argentina and Chile offer very different profiles. The former has its hugely successful hero variety in Malbec, while the latter, having driven its reputation on affordable and accessible international varieties, is gaining ground as a producer of genuine interest and value in the mid-price range. Argentina too, with Malbec having secured a strong foothold at a more premium ‘entry’ price level, has been pushing its diversity, while climbing its flagship variety higher up the price ladder in independents and the on-trade.


Canned wine powers up

Published:  25 March, 2022

Canned wine has exploded onto the scene in the past couple of years as the next logical step for wine NPD. Picking up from the success of other products of its kind, such as canned cocktails, G&Ts and hard seltzers, canned wine has fitted snugly into a consumer desire for convenient on-the-go drinking. 


Alternative formats: Fad or fixture?

Published:  23 March, 2022

James Lawrence asks if merchants are ready to carry the can with anything but the 75cl bottle.


Harnessing Pays d’Oc IGP

Published:  22 March, 2022

Inviting a panel to taste and talk, Andrew Catchpole prompted a far-reaching exploration of the potential for southern France’s most versatile designation, in partnership with Pays d’Oc IGP.


The rise of British rum

Published:  19 March, 2022

The blossoming of a British rum industry builds on the history of rum as a truly international spirit that increasingly finds its strength in both geographically blended and GI-protected areas of identification. Jo Gilbert reports.


Champagne's Supernova

Published:  17 March, 2022

While there was little to celebrate in 2020, Champagne was back with a bang last year, which seemed to take everyone – including the Champenois – by surprise. 


Bulk wine goes with the tide

Published:  16 March, 2022

Bulk wine has been on a major journey over the past two years. Thanks to accelerated favourable perceptions around sustainability, an updated mindset seems to be in evidence in global markets as the acceptability of container shipping shores up the belief that ‘bulk’ is the way to save on both environmental and commercial costs.


It’s time to raise the bar - Michelin style

Published:  14 March, 2022

A brand new recognition system for the world’s best bars is set to become one of the industry’s most respected benchmarks of excellence.


How the rising cost of living will impact consumer attitudes to drinking

Published:  11 March, 2022

As the cost of living increases, consumers are looking to reduce spending, and recreational drinking could bear the brunt.


Harpers confirms its first Sustainability Champion partners

Published:  09 March, 2022

Following the February unveiling of its Sustainability Charter, Harpers is delighted to welcome North South Wines and Enotria & Coe, who have come on board as our first partnering Sustainability Champions. 


Hospitality cries for help

Published:  07 March, 2022

James Bayley dives into ‘quintuple shock’ looming on the horizon in April, as businesses call for more ongoing support to boost recovery.


The taxing debate around duty

Published:  04 March, 2022

With the wine trade potentially facing a damaging new duty regime, Andrew Catchpole convened a panel at Wine Paris to ask: “Will the proposed new excise duties in the UK make wine unaffordable?”


Closure culture wars

Published:  02 March, 2022

When it comes to screwcap versus cork, James Lawrence finds prejudice is an emotive factor.


World wakes up to Austrian wine quality

Published:  28 February, 2022

From Wachau to Neusiedlersee, David Kermode takes a trip through Austria’s must-know regions.


Headline Hero: Labels for change and Most Wanted Wines

Published:  25 February, 2022

Design linking the liquid in the bottle to a worthy cause has reached a new level, as Andrew Catchpole reports.