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Spain: Leading the eco charge

Published:  30 November, 2020

Spain deserves better recognition as a leader in organic and sustainable viticulture and its time may well have come, writes Andrew Catchpole.


Spain’s silver linings

Published:  26 November, 2020

While most areas of the trade experience decline, Spain still has the odd reason to be cheerful in buoyant UK exports and ever-robust Rioja. James Lawrence reports


Port: Weathering the Covid storm

Published:  24 November, 2020

The UK remains at the forefront of the premium Port category, with sales of late-bottled vintage (LBV), quality white Port, aged tawnies, single vineyard and classic vintage ports, all remaining resilient through Covid. A nation of consumers stuck at home, looking to indulge, appears to have been largely positive for the quality end of UK Port sales. Built on a long-standing relationship with the UK, sales at Symington Family Estates are up 10% by value and 9% by volume compared with this time last year.


Next stop: Brexit

Published:  17 November, 2020

The mandatory and cumbersome VI-1 forms may not be a legal requirement until next summer, but bureaucratic Brexit hurdles still await, writes James Lawrence


Hard seltzers put function over form

Published:  16 November, 2020

The rise of hard seltzers in the US and, increasingly, the UK, is ushering in a new age of high functioning, health-focused drinks, which is comparable to the rise of vaping in the smoking sector. Hugh Jones weighs in.


Reimagining the high street shop for drinks retailing

Published:  13 November, 2020

A renewed focused on shop-front retail has led to a rash of new openings, from Manchester to Birmingham and Surrey, writes Jo Gilbert.


What does Christmas look like for the on-trade?

Published:  11 November, 2020

Coronavirus has a nasty habit of moving the goalposts – particularly for the on-trade. Or, perhaps more accurately, moving the goalposts, detonating the playing field, dancing on the smouldering remains and making you yearn for the days when a 5-0 defeat was all you had to worry about.


A covid Christmas can still deliver

Published:  06 November, 2020

With a second lockdown now underway, the major players are all doubling down on off-trade strategies for a stay-at-home Christmas. Jo Gilbert looks at how they aim to maximise profits during this challenging final chapter of the year


Streamlining supply chains with blockchain

Published:  04 November, 2020

The WSTA’s annual summit was a battle cry for government to embrace new technology along our increasingly complicated and antiquated borders, as Jo Gilbert reports


Tuning into the Constants & Changes of the New Drinks Landscape

Published:  30 October, 2020

Andrew Catchpole reports on the discussions and findings of the recent virtual Think Spirits webinar focusing on how the industry is adapting to new demands 


Taking the flor

Published:  28 October, 2020

Lockdown has been kind to sherry, with the category building on its momentum within cocktail culture. Aleesha Hansel reports


Counting the cost of exclusion

Published:  26 October, 2020

Andrew Catchpole looks at the importance and benefits of promoting diversity and inclusivity in the drinks trade


Growing Organically part one: Viticulture and winemaking

Published:  23 October, 2020

The first in our two-part webinar considered the evolution of organic winemaking and the challenges and opportunities that this path delivers. Andrew Catchpole prompted the debate.


South Africa looks to higher ground

Published:  22 October, 2020

Hard hit by the pandemic, South Africa’s winemakers are proving their resilience and fighting back with an eye on higher quality and pricing. By Andrew Catchpole


Covid and Brexit: A perfect storm?

Published:  21 October, 2020

With Covid and Brexit uncertainty pressing down ahead of Christmas, Andrew Catchpole asked some of our top 50 Best Indies what lies ahead.


Christmas campaigns: Failure to launch

Published:  19 October, 2020

Lockdowns, curfews and restrictions are putting major obstacles in the way of Christmas campaigns as Covid-19 continues to move the goalposts for businesses.


Wine drinking occasions up in lockdowns

Published:  16 October, 2020

Wine drinkers across key consumption markets have been turning more often to the beverage during the pandemic. This is spurred by new lockdown occasions and more drinking outside of mealtimes, according to a new Wine Consumer Trends in the Covid-19 Era report released by Wine Intelligence.


Bars and restaurants are footing the Covid bill

Published:  15 October, 2020

The government has made a meal out of eating out, with serious repercussions for the trade. Chris Losh reports


Alcohol Duty Review

Published:  13 October, 2020

The alcohol tax review aims to rework the current ‘complex and inconsistent’ excise duty system. Let’s hope it’s not another missed opportunity, says Jo Gilbert.


Headline Heroes: Languedoc

Published:  09 October, 2020

As the world’s biggest wine-producing region, the Languedoc offers the diversity typical of a whole country, as Andrew Catchpole reports.