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Jerry Lockspeiser: Which wines do Pamela Anderson and Kate Moss remind you of?

Published:  26 October, 2020

About 30 million people in the UK drink wine. For years, producers and marketeers have been trying to grab their attention, hoping to figure out how to successfully communicate their wines through words and images.


Q&A: Bernard Fontannaz, Origin Wine

Published:  20 October, 2020

Origin Wines’ Swiss founder talks to Andrew Catchpole about the Cape’s re-emergence post shutdown and his new pan-country range of terroir-focused wines


Profile: John Timothy, The Portman Group

Published:  14 October, 2020

Health rose to the top of the agenda at the beginning of 2020 in a way we’ve never seen before. Jo Gilbert speaks to the face of alcohol responsibility in the UK about meeting this challenge


Tim Atkin MW: A year that changed wine

Published:  13 October, 2020

‘Never A Dull Moment’ is the title of a wonderful book about what its author, David Hepworth, calls “rock’s golden year”. 1971 was indeed an annus mirabilis for music, witnessing the release of landmark albums by David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, Elton John, Pink Floyd, Marvin Gaye, Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Yes, The Who and Rod Stewart. For Hepworth, 31 December 1970 marked the end of the Sixties – 12 months late, in one sense – and the start of something very different. It was a turning pint, a line in the sand.


Jerry Lockspieser: Is there nothing new under the sun?

Published:  01 October, 2020

I love books. I love being surrounded by them. The company of all those stories and thoughts is inspiring. As the number I owned grew over the years, I had to double stack them on the shelves like bottles of wine in a shop. Then finally, there was no more space. A triage and trip to the local Oxfam shop became inevitable.


Guy Woodward: Celebrities and their ‘vine-sourced wines’

Published:  22 September, 2020

My favourite part of the nauseating, sadly since-deleted film promoting the new, ‘clean’ Avaline wine comes at the very end. After extolling the virtues of this miraculous cuvée at length – and trashing pretty much every other wine ever made for their use of additives – the duo responsible for its immaculate conception, actress Cameron Diaz and fashion brand-builder Katherine Power, tell us how they like to drink it.


Q&A: Stefan Neumann MS, director of wine, Dinner by Heston

Published:  18 September, 2020

Andrew Catchpole catches up with one of the most passionate sommeliers in London to talk wine culture, change and cheese


Mentzendorff makes strategic adjustments to a new norm

Published:  18 September, 2020

Andrew Catchpole talks to Mentzendorff boss Andrew Hawes pre and post-lockdown


Round Table: Rebooting the on-trade

Published:  17 September, 2020

Prominent restaurateurs joined Andrew Catchpole around a virtual table to discuss rebuilding trade in the new norm.


Q&A: Lorraine Copes, BAME in Hospitality founder and head of procurement, Corbin & King

Published:  15 September, 2020

Lorraine Copes talks to Andrew Catchpole about amplifying the voices of people of colour in the UK drinks and hospitality trade.


Kate Nicholls, CEO, UK Hospitality

Published:  14 September, 2020

With hospitality one of the hardest hit sectors in the wake of the pandemic, the head of the leading trade organisation has no end of crucial issues to deal with. Kate Nicholls talks strategy to Lisa Riley


Joe Fattorini: Everything must change

Published:  08 September, 2020

Our lives are going to be harder. Whatever it took to sell wine, bring in cash, pay bills, keep the door open will change once we open that door again. On-trade wine sales have changed and we must change with that. But where to begin?


Q&A: Luís Sottomayor, head of winemaking, Casa Ferreirinha and Sogrape Porto Wine

Published:  02 September, 2020

From Barca Velha to small-batch single varietal Douro wines by way of Clink cocktails, Luís Sottomayor gives Andrew Catchpole the lowdown on life at the helm


Jerry Lockspeiser: What happens next?

Published:  26 August, 2020

One of the many reasons people like working in the wine trade is the sense of common bond. Trade outsiders may doubt how friendly people who are direct competitors can really be. But they often are. People can’t help liking and respecting each other. The bonhomie that wine engenders helps, as does admiration for the labour, love, and sheer dedication of those who make the stuff. From producers to distributors, retailers, and communicators, an unstated feeling of shared mission is in the air. Now, too, the trenches spirit that comes with having backs against the wall.


Q&A: Sam Owens, founder, Thirsty Cambridge

Published:  24 August, 2020

With his iconoclastic and straight-talking approach, Sam Owens walks Andrew Catchpole through life as a moreishly modern indie


Q&A: Emily Roux, co-owner, Caractère

Published:  18 August, 2020

The youngest scion of the Roux clan talks to Jo Gilbert about family expectations, restaurant no-shows and how to avoid divorce when working (and living) with your significant other during a pandemic


Talking team QB

Published:  13 August, 2020

Insight and innovation are threaded through Quintessential Brands’ DNA. Andrew Catchpole catches up with James Lousada and Neil Anderson to find out more


Jerry Lockspeiser: Why I will never be late again

Published:  10 August, 2020

I had called a meeting – I think it was to discuss innovation. We were maybe eight people, all key players in their roles, and me, the boss. The meeting was due to start at 11am, but I was finishing another important task and I did not make it until 11.15, maybe 11.20. I made my apologies and we got underway.


Soapbox: Five steps toward wine industry diversity

Published:  05 August, 2020

Black wine professional Magnavai Janjo urges the trade to swap discomfort for progressive conversation and sustainable steps towards greater inclusivity. 


Julio Sáenz, winemaker, La Rioja Alta

Published:  04 August, 2020

As La Rioja Alta celebrates its 130th anniversary, and with the release of its second ever Viña Arana Gran Reserva (2014) in August, Andrew Catchpole catches up with Julio Sáenz for taste and talk over his most recent trio of Gran Reserva wines.