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Cider is Wine alliance gains momentum with new member

Published:  17 September, 2019

Cider is Wine, the new trade alliance that aims to create a “global cider category” made from 100% apples (or pears for perry) has gained a new member.

Cork-based Rare Apple Ice Wine producer, Killahora Orchards, is the latest to join the fast-growing alliance, which was set up at the end of last year.

It now counts nine producers among its ranks, all of which make ciders from 100% pear or apple juice, and use the “same essential production values used in winemaking”.

For too long, cider’s helpmeet has been beer, argues CEO Alistair Morrell – and says it should instead be pinning its colours to the wine mast.

“UK law states that cider can be as little as 35% juice or juice concentrate. When consumers hear that, they’re quite shocked. You wouldn’t expect to buy a bottle of wine where only half is made from grapes,” he said.

Killahora Orchards brings Ireland into the alliance’s fold with a range of artisan drinks that include their Johnny Fall Down Cider brand made from south-facing orchards in Cork.

Producers have already signed up from New Zealand, Sweden, the US, France, Australia and finally the UK, where the alliance is headquartered.

According to Westons Cider Report 2018, the UK currently has around 40% of the global cider market, and is worth around £1.4bn to the British economy a year.

Wine on the other hand is set to grow to £15.07bn in 2021, up from £13.94bn in 2017 (IWSR).

The market for for cider meanwhile could grow to £3.1bn over the next few years. 

The alliance is also drawing inspiration from the success of the grassroots spirits, beers and premium mixer movements in the UK, envisioning cider “an authentic, quality craft drink” that sits somewhere between the three.

Its lower abv of around 7% could also help capture some of the low and no zeitgeist, Morrell believes.

“As consumers increasingly want to consume less alcohol and IWSR data shows wine is struggling to innovate with low and no alcohol, cider could be perfectly placed,’ he said.

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