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Published:  20 December, 2013

Snow storms hit producers and vines in central Italy

Published:  29 November, 2013

Up to 60cm of snow, which fell on Monday and Tuesday this week, have caused extensive damage to the vineyards in Abruzzo, central Italy.


London's only winery switches to Italy after turning down rotten French grapes

Published:  03 October, 2013

London Cru, the first central London winery, has had to turn away seven tonnes of grapes due to arrive from Bordeaux and the Loire Valley as the quality was not deemed to be up to scratch.


Prosecco on tap a time saver and profits booster

Published:  19 September, 2013

Serving Prosecco on tap rather than by the bottle could help reduce serving time by up to 80% and enhance profits this Christmas, according to on-trade Prosecco supplier Frizzenti.


New Prosecco brand launches in the UK by supporting London Fashion Week

Published:  11 September, 2013

Italian producer Fulvio Luca Bressan in hot water over online racist storm

Published:  30 August, 2013

Italian wine producer Fulvio Luca Bressan of Bressan Mastri Vinai has found himself in very hot water after making what have been seen as racially offensive comments last Friday on his Facebook page regarding the Italian integration minister Cécile Kyenge ? Italy's first African-Italian minister and the recent implementation of new policies affecting undocumented immigrants in the country.


Tesco exclusive for Jamie Oliver wine range

Published:  29 July, 2013

Tesco has teamed up with celebrity chef Jamie Oliver to be the exclusive retailer for three wines from the Jamie's Italian restaurant group.


Mark Fiddes: The Prosecco Ultimatum

Published:  25 July, 2013

"The name's Battistella...Andrea Battistella. Licensed to Chill. Special mission to track down fake Prosecco...


Masi Agricola's rosé with a twist

Published:  19 July, 2013

Italy's Masi Agricola is releasing a rosé with a twist, to the UK market called Rosa dei Masi. The notes are classically rosé with fruity aromas of strawberries and wild cherries, and some nice acidity to balance the wine.


Frizzenti taps into Prosecco popularity

Published:  10 July, 2013

Sparkling wine brand Frizzenti is capitalising on the growing popularity of Prosecco with its on-tap solution for the on-trade.


Union des Grand Crus de Bordeaux and VinItaly agree future trade dates

Published:  26 June, 2013

Unions des Grand Crus de Bordeaux and VinItaly have signed an agreement coordinating the calendars of their industry events for the next four years to avoid any trade clashes. Text


Italian producers look to international growth to escape domestic economy

Published:  10 April, 2013

Italian wine producers are increasingly looking to international markets to escape their own crippled domestic economy.


Pre-orders for Naked Wines' ProWein discovery sold in 24 hours

Published:  09 April, 2013

Online wine retailer Naked Wines pre-sold over £37,000 worth of Italian wine in just 24 hours after its maker was discovered by its customer buying team at ProWein.


Piccini introduces rosata to Memoro Vino d'Italia range

Published:  05 April, 2013

The family-owned Italian wine producer Piccini has introduced a third wine, a rosata, to its Memoro Vino d'Italia range.


Italy breaks out from Pinot Grigio's shadow

Published:  15 March, 2013

As a challenging harvest across Italy 'rocks the Pinot Grigio boat', now is the time to look towards the myriad indigenous alternatives, says Anne Krebiehl


Douglas Blyde discusses the world of Prosecco with winemaker Primo Franco of producer Nino Franco

Published:  05 March, 2013

Primo Franco, of Prosecco producer, Nino Franco, marked 30 years since he produced his first vintage by hosting a lunch at Hawksmoor restaurant, Air Street, Mayfair. Franco mentions that his choice of restaurant - the latest in the clubby Hawksmoor quartet, and first to offer dishes devised by celebrity fisherman, Mitch Tonks alongside signature steak - happens to lie close to the recently-refurbished five star, Café Royal. It was in those kitchens during the early 1970s, explains Franco with a wry smile, that he toiled as a kitchen porter. After his first shift, during which he confronted "an endless seeming conveyor of dishes", the disorientated, young navvy found himself spending the bulk of his earnings on the taxi home to Acton.


Exclusive research: indies look to Old World for growth

Published:  15 February, 2013

European wines made from indigenous varieties are providing independent wine merchants with much more scope for growth compared with the New World's offering.


Country reports: Italy

Published:  18 January, 2013

How many consumers have really embraced Italian diversity? And for those that haven't, is it because they find it too complex or....


PLB launches second regional roadshow

Published:  18 January, 2013

PLB is to launch its second UK Regional Roadshow tour with its specialist portfolio and has further announced it will join forces with Hatch Mansfield for the Scottish leg of the tour.


Avignonesi Winery acquires third vineyard in 18 months

Published:  19 December, 2012

The Italian-based biodynamic producer Avignonesi Winery has acquired its third vineyard in 18 months, making it one of the region's largest producers of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano.