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Five minutes with Thibault Lavergne, Wine Story

Published:  05 March, 2024

Andrew Catchpole caught up with Thibault Lavergne of Wine Story at Vin, London’s leading French tasting, to find out what makes this specialist importer tick

Vin offers a good opportunity for a small company like us, because it is a very accessible wine fair in central London, and the marketing is strong. I am targeting sommeliers, wine buyers for independent wine shops, and I also see existing customers, so it’s important for us as a small specialist in French wines. I’ve seen people from London, from Norwich, even from Scotland, including some Michelin-starred sommeliers.

You need to have every style of wine, because every customer is different, has different requirements, and we have a lot of diversity, because we can offer wines from the whole of France. It’s about variety, whether Alsace, or Languedoc, or Burgundy, it’s a very wide palette. There’s freshness from the Loire Valley; if you want something a little richer, maybe Bordeaux. There’s a wide variety and as a wine buyer or sommelier, needing something on your list to please different palates, to make different food pairings, it’s great. This works so well because it isn’t regional, we are showing the whole of France.

My family were entrepreneurs, I always wanted to have my own business, and I am passionate about wine. It’s not just about an alcoholic beverage, I wanted to share the stories. There is art, philosophy, religion, food, environmental issues, culture, the human factor – so much. I needed to share that passion of life. It was a coincidence that I came to the UK, I was working in a wine business in Paris, met a British girl, fell in love, followed her here two years ago, and never went back.