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‘Canifesto’ calls for on-trade to adopt the can in open letter

Published:  01 March, 2023

Premium RTD brands; The Uncommon, Jukes, MOTH Drinks, Longbottom, and TRIP are leading a campaign to encourage the on-trade to adopt the can.

‘The Canifesto’ aims to challenge the belief that consumers don’t want to drink from cans by promoting its sustainability credentials.

According to the open letter, canned serves would help reduce waste, cut costs and save time for overextended hospitality staff.

In order to further convince hospitality leaders of the benefits of the can the open letter draws on industry statistics promoting sustainability.

For instance, a research paper by Systembolaget, the government-owned chain of liquor stores in Sweden found that 79% of CO2e could be cut from switching a 75cl glass bottle to three 250ml aluminium cans. The report also stated that aluminium is more easily and endlessly recyclable with 75% of the aluminium ever produced still in circulation today.

Furthermore, according to The International Aluminium Institute, aluminium cans are the most recycled beverage containers globally, with a 71% recycling rate. Glass is 34% and PET is 40%.

Cans are also more convenient to store for businesses; Polish startup the Omni Calculator found that cans give up to 40% more space in fridges than bottles. 

On the subject of quality, the letter reminds the industry that cans are lined with a water-based polymer that prevents any contact with the metal, meaning there is absolutely no effect on taste. 

A number of on-trade partners are leading the movement by adopting cans for sustainability reasons, such as Berners Tavern. The London restaurant, led by Michelin-starred chef Jason Atherton and located within the 5-star London Edition Hotel, has recently introduced The Uncommon to its menu. 

Giuseppe D’Aniello, head sommelier, said: “We always look at the quality of the liquid before all else.  Sustainability is also a key focus for us.  We have already removed straws and single-use plastic in the hotel, and cans of quality, like The Uncommon, are helping us on this journey.”

The C&C Group, which owns Matthew Clarke and Bibendum, is also seeing the benefits for its customers. 

Angela Ham, agency manager at C&C Group, said: “Cans help us significantly reduce road miles and carbon emissions. For our customers, serving from an RTD (ready-to-drink) can support speed of service, where access to quality drinks like Longbottom, means you don't compromise on taste in the process.” 

David Gleave MW, the chairman of Liberty Wines Ltd, which provides premium wines to leading restaurants and retailers throughout the UK, added: “It is encouraging to see cans being used increasingly for premium drinks. Not only do they reduce the carbon footprint of the drinks, but they also serve as a perfect container as the risk of taint associated with cork closures is completely removed. While beer has led the way in returning to cans, decent wine and ready-to-pour cocktails are now embracing this package as a route to modern, socially aware, quality conscious consumers, who also enjoy the ease with which they are opened.”