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Soave launches project to tackle soil erosion

Published:  19 November, 2019

The Consorzio of Soave has embarked on a pioneering project to study the impact of soil erosion in its vineyards and to help producers develop and maintain techniques to protect their soil.

Soilution System forms part of Soave’s strong focus on sustainability and environmental initiatives in order to preserve its historic and densely planted terroir, with the region’s vineyards predominantly on steeply sloping hillsides - a topography which is more susceptible to soil erosion.

The project comprises three key objectives; helping to find mechanical alternatives for use in hillside vineyards to minimise environmental impact; providing low cost solutions for producers and, encouraging the use of indigenous mixtures of herbaceous species, to prevent soil erosion and preserve and increase biodiversity.

Undertaking by Soilution System, the Consorzio of Soave and Lessini Durello, the University of Padua, the World Biodiversity Association (WBA) and AGREA Srl, the Soilution System project uses drone technology to analyse the flow of rainwater down steep slopes, so as to minimise the emergence of the small channels that contribute to soil erosion. The data gathered by drones will then be used to ensure the better management.

The system was “probably one of the most innovative projects we have ever implemented”, said Aldo Lorenzoni, director of the Soave Consorzio.

“Its objective is to increase environmental sustainability through practical and cost effective, yet ground-breaking, solutions. We want to empower our producers to become custodians of this historically significant land and help preserve their environment,” he said.

The Soave wine region and community were last year awarded Heritage (GIAHS) status by the United Nations for its interwoven agricultural traditions and practices.