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Published:  23 July, 2008

The Association of Cork Producers (APCOR) has launched a new consumer and trade campaign in ten countries, with the slogan Real Cork - Irreplaceable.' The e6.5 million programme, funded by the Portuguese government and the 250 APCOR members, will focus on three major markets - the US, UK and Australia. Francisco Brito Evangelista, marketing director of Amorim, is leading the campaign, but told Harpers that this is a cork industry - rather than an Amorim - initiative. We believe that cork is a sign of a quality wine, and that's what we want to convey to the trade and to wine drinkers,' said Evangelista. This will give us the opportunity to explain the steps we are taking to deliver corks that are as free from TCA as possible.' Asked if the cork industry had lost sales to synthetic alternatives, Evangelista replied: We understand that there is competition and that we are fighting for market share. We are fully aware of the consequences if we don't change the status quo. With all the research and development work we have done, we are much closer to finding a solution to the TCA problem.'