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Today is the last day to register to vote on the EU referendum

Published:  07 June, 2016

The EU referendum vote which could potentially have a large impact on the wine industry is only a few weeks away and it is important that you have your say.

Today is the last day to register to participate in the upcoming vote on June 23rd on whether or not Great Britain should remain or leave the European Union.

To register for the vote visit the Gov.UK website. The process to register should take about five minutes.

Polls that have been published are showing that vote to stay or leave is quite close with different polls showing very different results.

In yesterday's YouGov poll, 43% of the 2,001 people polled backed staying in EU, while 42% backed leaving and 11% remain undecided.

On June 5, 2016, market research group ICM's poll found that of the 2,047 people polled 48% of people were in favour of leaving, while 43% of people favoured saying in the EU. In the poll 9% of people were still undecided.

However on the same day a poll conducted by ORB found of the 800 people polled, 52% of poll said they would vote to say in and 40% said they would vote to exit the EU with 8% of people saying they were undecided.

The polls indicate that as the UK gets ever-closer to the actual referendum date that it will be a close vote, which is why it so important to have your say. For a full list of the different individual polls and update outcomes, please click here.

Within the drinks trade many have come out in favour of staying in the EU over concerns that the uncertainty is bad for business, could make trading between wine producing countries the UK more difficult and increase costs.