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The Wine Show's Amelia Singer on being a social (media) butterfly

Published:  25 May, 2016

Amelia Singer, presenter of ITV's The Wine Show, is focusing on bringing new audiences to wine with her fun and friendly presence on social media.

The ITV presenter, who works with Jamie Oliver on his vlogging site Jamie Oliver's Drinks Tube, is determined to de-intellectualise wine for a new generation - and believes that those in the trade must keep up the momentum created by social media and video channels such as YouTube.

Singer says that in her role as a TV presenter, she is often contacted by millennials on Twitter - and makes sure she replies.

She said: "Viewers are always asking questions on Twitter and Instagram. Just last night I was out and people were asking me what I was drinking. It's about enticing people with multi-sensory experiences and connecting on different platforms.

"I'd like to see more events going on, like wine and fashion nights, or wine and live music, which people can engage with on social media. In the US they call it 'edu-tainment' where you educate and entertain at the same time. It's a great way to engage people who would never have gone to a wine event."

Singer founded and runs her own company, Amelia's, an event business offering fun and accessible wine tastings.

And her light-hearted approach has seen results on her Instagram account, where she has racked up an impressive following.

"Instagram uses visual aids which can be difficult with wine," she said. "It's not like food which always looks so different - you can't keep posting endless photos of glasses of wine. You have to be more creative.

"For example, recently I was at a tasting and everyone was taking pictures of the wine, but there were these absolutely adorable dogs there. They were staring up at the wine, so I snapped them and put it on Instagram with the hashtag 'puppylove'. It was silly, but it got a great response."

Singer, who is a millennial herself, says she has seen changes in the way that the younger generation chooses to engage with and learn about wine.

"There is a whole new generation that isn't obsessed with Parker Points, which I think is great," she said.

"It means that those in the trade has to work harder and be more creative to sell the product. It stops us resting on our laurels.

"We're not saving lives at the end of the day. Wine is a life-enhancer. I was at a chateau recently, it was beautiful but it absolutely poured. But I was so excited I didn't let the rain bring me down. There I was, jumping around with my umbrella like Dick Van Dyke. Wine can be serious, but I never take myself seriously."

Singer has been in the industry for eight years and has worked in wineries in Bordeaux, Rioja and Chile.