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Bibendum PLB unveils new insights into UK consumer profiles

Published:  02 December, 2015

New research from Bibendum PLB's insights team has defined eight distinct consumer categories in the UK drinks market.

The research is based on demographic data supplied by CACI, YouGov preference research and Bibendum PLB's own in-house consumption analysis.

The consumer portraits offer detailed insights into alcohol spend, taste profiles and preferences in both the on- and the off-trade.

The eight categories are: the moneyed minority; the urban professionals; new nesters; mature foodies; traditional communities; suburban families; big weekenders; and stretched spenders.

Bibendum PLB believes it can use the research to offer its clients a uniquely detailed understanding of their customer base.

Mature foodies, for example, are aged 40 to 70 and have teenage children. They comprise 12% of the population, but 16% of wine consumption in the on-trade and 18% in the off-trade.

Predominantly living outside the main urban areas, mature foodies' spend on wine on the off-trade is 40% above the national average, and 25% above in the on-trade.

Rioja is the wine that appeals most to the typical mature foodie. They are biased against Riesling, however.

Stretched spenders, by way of contrast, constitute 34% of the population but are under-represented in wine consumption, contributing 23% of off-trade market share and 24% of the on-trade.

They are more influenced by ABV than any other consumer category, and are drawn to Spanish, South African and US wines.

Chardonnay is a key varietal for them, but they under-index on consumption of Pinot Grigio.

Alex Linsley, head of market insights for Bibendum PLB, said: "We have been working on these consumer portraits for a long time now; it was really important to us that they were accurate and helpful.

"Our partnership with CACI gives us access to market-leading demographic data, which is also used by the government.

"When we then combine this with drinks-specific information from our own unique data sources and YouGov consumer surveying, we create an invaluable tool."

Michael Saunders, chief executive of Bibendum PLB, said: "Our consumer portraits offer an incredible source of information in a digestible and appealing format.

"We can now go to our customers with this information and work with them to identify, with more understanding and knowledge than ever before, who they are selling to and how best to sell to those customers."