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Published:  23 July, 2008

Harpers has teamed up with leading market research company Wine Intelligence to get inside the consumer's mind' and discover what prompts purchase'. More than 2,000 wine drinkers have been surveyed, with the results to be presented by Wine Intelligence at the LIWSF Harpers Debate at 10.30 am on 19 May in Waterfront Rooms 19 and 20. According to Lulie Halstead, research director for Wine Intelligence, one of the main focuses of the report is to discover what product cues really matter to consumers when they choose their favourite bottle of wine for everyday drinking, as well as how these change when consumers trade up. Previously tasted and trusted is still the number one cue that consumers use when choosing wine, but other product cues play a bigger part in propensity to spend more,' she said. The role of grape variety, promotions, packaging and other factors are also covered by the research, along with what drives customers to spend more money. The structure of the Harpers debate has been changed for 2004. Unlike previous years, there will not be set presentations from a panel. Instead, leading figures in the trade will share their views on the research with the audience (details to follow in the next few weeks). To register e-mail or phone 01322 611 217.