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Cramele Recas rolls out rPET Danube project to UK

Published:  13 March, 2023

Romanian winemaker Cramele Recas is launching first-of-its-kind wine bottles made entirely from recycled plastic recovered from the Danube, targeting Europe and the UK, following a successful trial in Germany.


Gigantic plastic waste pyramid highlights sustainability initiative

Published:  09 November, 2022

In a bold publicity stunt, Australian wine brand The Hidden Sea has partnered with zero-waste company Zero Co to build the world’s largest plastic pyramid in Egypt, drawing attention to the duo's latest campaign.


Soapbox: Is keg wine a blessing or a curse?

Published:  13 September, 2022

As an experienced wine consultant specialising in the on-trade, Neil Bruce – aka wine margin optimiser at Studio Alto – turns his sights to the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to the keg-versus-bottle ‘green’ debate.


Australian wine brand removes over 10 million plastic bottles from world oceans

Published:  08 February, 2022

The Hidden Sea, founded by Aussie rules football star-turned-winemaker Richie Vandenberg and Justin Moran in 2021, and brought into the UK by Kingsland Drinks, has achieved a major sustainability milestone by removing the equivalent of more than 10 million single-use plastic bottles from the ocean.


Kingsland Drinks backs eco wine brand with new listings

Published:  27 October, 2021

Kingsland Drinks is expanding the reach of eco wine brand The Hidden Sea with new listings in both Booths and Asda.


First roll out of Absolut’s paper bottle launches in the UK

Published:  25 January, 2021

Pernod Ricard’s flagship vodka brand, Absolut, will be rolling out its prototype “paper” bottle from today (25 January), initially in both the UK and Sweden.


Q&A: Santiago Navarro, CEO and co-founder, Garçon Wines

Published:  02 December, 2020

Harpers has something of a packaging focus in this month’s issue, due to be published this Friday 4 December. As a preview, we caught up with Santiago Navarro, the creative force behind flat bottle innovator, Garçon Wines. Made from 100% recycled plastic, this innovative new format scored a major partnership with Accolades Wines this year, which will see a number of the company’s brands launch with the flat bottle format. Starting with the installation of a ‘flat’ bottling line at the company’s Bristol manufacturing base – the first of its kind in the UK – the company is now looking ahead to its imminent UK supermarket debut with the re-launch of Accolade’s eco brand, Banrock Station, in the Co-op. We spoke to Navarro about his ambition to re-shape the wine aisle.


Sea Change on track to double donations to £100,000

Published:  19 February, 2020

Sea Change Wine, the eco-conscious wine range developed by 10 International, has revealed it is on track to double donations to £100,000 by the end of the year.


Wine’s darker materials: glass vs the alternatives

Published:  06 January, 2020

A rising clamour over packaging and sustainability is leading many parts of the industry to go back to the drawing board on glass and look at alternative materials. Does plastic deserve its bad reputation?


Q&A: Santiago Navarro, Garçon Wines

Published:  06 January, 2020

Santiago Navarro is out to change the world and the mass-market wine business with his flat eco wine bottle. Jo Gilbert catches up with the co-founder and chief executive 


WSTA challenges Gove over proposed deposit return scheme

Published:  14 May, 2019

The Wine and Spirit Trade Association has called on Michael Gove, secretary of state for environment, food and rural affairs, to exclude glass from a proposed deposit return scheme (DRS) aimed at reducing the use of plastic in packaging.


Gap in recycling offers huge opportunity for brand owners and retailers

Published:  26 March, 2019

Concerns over health and safety are hampering the use of recycled materials in food in drink, new research has suggested.


Gove pats Pernod Ricard on the back for green efforts

Published:  08 June, 2018

Pernod Ricard has had a pat on the back from UK environment secretary Michael Gove after 500 of its staff spent the day clearing rubbish from river banks and beaches across the UK.