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Export record for Bordeaux

Published:  23 July, 2008

Export turnover for Bordeaux in 2007 reached 1.39 billion euros (1.1bn), representing 1.93 million hectolitres of wine - a record high for the region.

Exports represented 41% of total Bordeaux wine sales in 2007 and showed a 9% rise in value and 7% rise in volume compared with 2006.

The United Kingdom remains the biggest importer of Bordeaux wines with a turnover of 235m euros (188m) and 280,747 hectolitres, an increase of 4% in value and 9% in volume.

The US is the second biggest market for Bordeaux wines in terms of value, worth 196m euros (157m). Volumes exported to the US increased by 6% in 2007.

The Asian market continues to grow, particularly China, which recorded a 158% upsurge in value and a rise in volume of 82%. Hong Kong also marks a significant increase of 81% in value and 54% in volume. Both South Korea and Singapore also recorded impressive growth.

Other highlights

6% increase in value and 3% in volume across Europe; a market that accounts for 63% of Bordeaux exports.

Bordeaux wines represented 32% of the value of all still French wine exports.

Growth of Bordeaux wines in the 4.5 to 15 Euros category. Bordeaux's interprofessional body claims consumers are trading up.