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Schools to teach alcohol awareness course

Published:  23 July, 2008

Kids to gain half a GCSE in safe drinking course

1 A man's daily alcohol consumption should not be more than: A 1 to 2 units B 3 to 4 units C between 5 and 6 units

2 The smaller and younger a person is, the less effect alcohol is likely to have on them A Yes B No

3 What is not a possible effect of long-term binge drinking? A Better memory B Diabetes C Weight gain

4 An offence is committed if a young person aged under 16 goes into a bar when accompanied by an adult A Yes B No

5 A person who has been drinking alcohol should not drive because: A He will be more coordinated than usual B His levels of concentration will be reduced C His spatial awareness will be improved

Answers: 1 B; 2 B; 3 A; 4 B; 5 B