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Driving a sustainable campaign

Published:  27 April, 2022

Overleaf you’ll find the full wording of our Sustainability Charter, launched as part of a new Harpers campaign to drive sustainability in the UK drinks trade and to which we heartily encourage you to subscribe. Those that already have, including our initial headlining Sustainability Champions such as Enotria & Coe and North South Wines, our Sustainability Partners, Lanchester Group and Bodega Argento, plus our early bird signatories, are also listed here. Moreover, there are focuses on the sustainable progress of many of those companies throughout this report.

The Charter idea is a simple one, yet with the potential for great reach and to deliver demonstrable change. With sustainability back at the top of the world’s collective agenda, this initiative is designed to further galvanise the drinks trade and assist it in moving towards ever more pressing sustainable goals.

Furthermore, we believe that the drinks trade, bridging the gap as it does between a climate-sensitive agricultural base, plus an emotive and pleasurable product in the hands of the consumer, is very well placed to not just relay sustainable advancement, but to take a global lead on issues of environmental, social and thus economic sustainability.

To help achieve all the above, the Harpers Sustainability Charter encourages its signatories to share, support and promote best practice through transparency on all aspects of their sustainable journeys, including internal targets and externally accredited schemes, to the benefit of all.

Becoming a signatory is free, with the value including coverage of progress across the Harpers platforms, flagging up signatories’ progress down sustainable pathways for business and supply chain partners to see best practice at work. And, as companies increasingly look to place their business with like-minded operators, also underpinned by mounting consumer pressure for greater transparency with regard to all matters sustainable, this is intended to create a virtuous circle, driving all forward.

Finally, as you can see from the calibre of signatories, the Harpers Sustainability Charter is open to all aspects and channels of the UK drinks trade, to operators large and small, to all who are embracing sustainability, wherever they may be on that journey.

Put simply, we are looking to celebrate good where good is being done.

For more information, to read about our signatories or to sign up to Harpers Sustainability Charter, please go to our dedicated website:

Harpers Sustainability Charter Signatories

Signatories enjoy the benefits of sharing their sustainable progress with the wider trade (for free), with updates on related activity throughout the year.

  • Agile Media 
  • Alliance Wine
  • Amps Wine Merchants
  • D&D London
  • Denomination
  • EWGA Wines
  • Goodman restaurant
  • Hallgarten & Novum Wines
  • Harper Wells
  • Kingsland Drinks
  • Lawsons Dry Hills
  • Laylo
  • Line Clenze International
  • Marussia Beverages UK
  • Ridgeview
  • Sustainable Wines of Great Britain (SWGB)
  • The Cornish Spirits Drink Company
  • The Good Wine Shop
  • The Humble Grape
  • The Vinorium
  • Vintage Roots
  • Virgin Wines
  • VSPT Wine Group
  • Wine Box Company
  • Yealands Wine Group

Harpers Sustainability Champions

Our Champions are companies working closely with us on initiatives to forward the debate on sustainability and highlight issues – such as our forthcoming webinars on influencing through the supply chain, partnered by Enotria, and the use or otherwise of glass and greenwashing, partnered by North South – to help progress the agenda throughout the year.

  • Enotria & Coe
  • North South Wines

Harpers Sustainability Partners

Our Partners benefit from enhanced listings, being key supporters of the Charter initiative and enjoy close cooperation with our sustainability coverage.

  • Argento
  • Lanchester Group

Harpers Sustainability Charter

The Harpers Sustainability Charter is aimed at UK-based* drinks-related trades and sectors, championing those that are demonstrably advancing sustainable best practices across their businesses, and thus helping advance the wider trade in meeting globally pressing sustainability goals.

The goal of this Charter is to build a network of sustainably-minded businesses and be a reference for companies looking to work with sustainable partners.

As such, the Harpers Sustainability Charter forms part of a dedicated Harpers campaign to help drive sustainability across all facets of the UK drinks trade, by sharing, supporting and promoting best practice.

Signatories to the Harpers Sustainability Charter will be required to show that they are moving along an increasingly sustainable trajectory towards annual goals, by confirming actions taken to meet specific targets embraced by those companies.

In its launch year, signatories will be asked to confirm actions taken to date that demonstrate a sustainable trajectory. Considering the multifaceted nature of sustainability – encompassing environmental, social and economic elements – the Harpers Sustainability Charter is designed to allow signatories to chart their progress along various pathways towards greater sustainability (see below), in line with the resources, current focus and ability of a given business.

By tracking progress across various key areas of sustainable advancement, the Sustainability Charter initiative will showcase the commitment of signatories (both individually and collectively) to deliver a sustainable future for the UK drinks trade.

This will be backed by regular coverage via Harpers Wine & Spirit, including our dedicated Sustainability Reports, webinars and round tables, helping to promote the visibility and communication of the sustainable credentials of Charter signatories to other partners in business across the supply chain, to the benefit of all.

Harpers Sustainability Charter Pathways

Signatories to the Charter will be invited to chart their sustainable progress across the following, as applicable:

  • Carbon footprint reduction
  • Use of renewable energy
  • Waste management & recycling
  • Water management
  • Ecological care & regeneration
  • NPD & packaging
  • Staff welfare & progression
  • Diversity & inclusivity
  • Responsible drinking & public health
  • Community focused activities
  • Encouraging sustainability among supply chain partners
  • Industry advocacy on environmental and social matters
  • Responsible portfolio sourcing

The Harpers Sustainability Charter is open to UK drinks businesses of every shape and size that are genuinely embracing and moving along pathways to greater sustainability.

Measuring Progress

The progress of companies making a commitment to the Charter will be charted against clear goals and targets set by those organisations, including adherence to external codes and/or accreditation bodies.

Reporting of progress must be clear, accurate and trustworthy, with the ability to substantiate such claims with credible evidence.

Evidence, when required, must also be submitted to the Harpers Sustainability Charter initiative when requested.

Progress will be collated and published on an annual basis, but with more frequent occasional updates throughout the year, as companies progress towards their sustainable goals or meet a target along a given sustainable pathway.

Such sustainable gains will be discounted if a company is found to be increasing its unsustainable impact elsewhere, either within its own operations/business or with regard to the impact of business partners, suppliers and customers.

Overall, signatories to the Harpers Sustainability Charter will be committed to progressing sustainable best practices and sharing their progress with transparency for the benefit of all.

What we can offer our partners and signatories

  • Highlight to the wider trade that yours is an independently accredited and genuinely sustainable business
  • Highlight that the UK drinks trade is a responsible and sustainable sector to government, plus national and regional press
  • Showcase your stories of success and your journey as a sustainability champion
  • Bring the UK trade together to learn and share best practice when it comes to sustainability

Signing up to the Harpers Sustainability Charter

Becoming a signatory indicates a firm commitment on behalf of your company to engage with and drive forward sustainable progress while informing the Harpers Sustainability initiative as requested of the progress made on an ongoing basis for our regular reviews and updates.

For more information, please contact