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Hidden Sea celebrates removing 10 million plastic bottles from the ocean

Published:  08 April, 2022

Sustainability is more of a strategic priority in the drinks industry than ever before. According to the 2022 Footprint Drinks Industry report, 53% of consumers seek information on their favourite drinks brands and venues regarding environmental and social responsibility.

Fans of ethically sourced, premium wine will like what they hear from eco Aussie Brand The Hidden Sea. 

“For every bottle of wine we sell, we remove and recycle 10 plastic bottles from oceans and rivers,” said Paul Braydon, head of buying at Kingsland Drinks, the UK distribution partner of The Hidden Sea. 

He continued: “The vineyards are located on the Limestone Coast in South Australia and were once covered by the ocean leaving the area with various marine relics, including a whale fossil.”

That fossil lends its image to the company logo and contributes to the rich, fertile soil in the vineyard. It also provides a natural and unique filtration system – ideal for growing grapes.

The Hidden Sea recently achieved a major sustainability milestone by removing the equivalent of more than 10 million single-use plastic bottles from the ocean.

To celebrate this, the South Australian Tourism Commission and The Hidden Sea hosted a drinks reception in the historic Australia House in London last night (7 April), to an array of industry professionals and special guests. 

The environmental drive was undertaken in collaboration with ReSea Project, a Danish organisation committed to removing ocean waste plastic and recycling it, while also improving communities most directly affected by ocean waste and creating awareness about responsible waste handling. It currently operates in Southeast Asia, which is a major recipient of plastic waste from countries around the world, including the UK.

Justin Moran, co-founder of The Hidden Sea, said: “Reaching this milestone is a fantastic achievement, and we’re grateful to retailers in the UK for getting behind us. This moment demonstrates that consumers – when given the opportunity – will make more socially conscious meaningful choices if they place them at the heart of a movement. 

“But the job is not done. We’re on a mission to remove one billion by 2030. To achieve this goal, more support is vital. We’ll be investing heavily to sound the alarm, drive awareness, get the support of further retailers, and drive consumers to store.”

Marine biologist, Madeline St Clair, added: “The Hidden Sea’s 10 million bottle milestone is a wonderful example of how businesses can affect change when they put the planet at the centre of their focus. The world’s oceans are vital to the health of the planet and the simple truth is that plastic, of any kind, does not belong in the world’s waters.”