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Less choice and higher prices from new import checks, says Daniel Lambert

Published:  01 April, 2022

Yesterday, the cross-party, cross-business UK Trade and Business Commission heard that post-Brexit import checks would create less choice and higher prices for UK wine consumers.

Daniel Lambert, MD of Daniel Lambert Wines, explained that most prices are already up by 20p-40p on wine, working out at roughly £1-£1.10 extra per bottle for the consumer.

He added that part of the problem is the profiteering from a “cartel” of freight companies charging unjustified additional duties on freight, describing how many are “hellbent” on these extra charges.

Witnesses at the commission called on HMRC to investigate why these unnecessary costs were added. They further explained that HMRC officials had expressed their anger at the government over post-Brexit policies.

Lambert said: “The government is telling us everything is wonderful about Brexit, and we have all this freedom; the reality is that we’re all drowning in paperwork, paying extra costs for the privilege and the consumer is being left blissfully unaware.”

“Choice is going to be reduced dramatically in the UK market.”

July is meant to bring the final set of import controls. However, there are concerns that British ports do not have the necessary infrastructure for the rigorous new checks.

Lambert added: “Businesses are being strangled. Many, many small producers supplying small wine shops will cease to trade with those retailers because it’s simply not affordable to do it anymore.”

Speaking to Harpers after the session, Lambert added: "It's already happening, independent producers are systematically redirecting their business to the EU 27 because Brexit has impacted the viability of their trade with the UK."