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Sea Aged Wine expands to the Canary Islands

Published:  24 September, 2018

Sea Aged Wine, the company that ages wine in seawater tanks, is expanding to the Canary Islands.

The company said its first expansion would be to Tenerife, where several tanks will be based in the town of Adeje. From this location, tank Sea Aged Wine will be distributed to all of the Canary Islands.

The process sees the wine aged while the bottles are surrounded in seawater for one to 12 months in a patented tank on land.

According to Sea Aged Wine, the process matures the wine much faster than in a cellar as it ensures that there is an even temperature around each bottle.

The Sea Aged Wine tanks operator for the Canary Islands, Alan Royles, said the expansion “very exciting”.

“We have already taken orders for the wine we will be ageing in the tanks. Most of the waters surrounding the islands are protected natural parks and ageing in the actual sea is not permitted. I just hope we can keep up with the demand,” he said.

The Food and Drug Administration in the US had banned sea aged wine from the open sea and ocean, as it could get contaminated by sea pressure while lying at the bottom of the sea, he added.

“I found out that it is impossible for wine to be contaminated that is aged in the on land patented Sea Aged Wine tanks. I tasted the wine from the tanks, and was so amazed at the smoothness it had and the fuller flavour and aromas,” he said.

With a distributor appointed, the tanks are due to arrive at the Adeje Tenerife location in around six weeks time. They are currently under construction at the Spanish factory of Sea Aged Wine in Javea Spain.