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Two Good, 2 Bad for 2013 - Hopes and Fears for 2014: Ruth Yates, Corks Out

Published:  25 December, 2013

As we build up to Christmas we ask key players in the field what they see as two of the best and worst things that have happened in 2013 and what hopes and fears they have for 2014.

Ruth Yates, Corks Out 

2 Good    

1 First highlight would be getting on top of cashflow and control of


2 My second highlight would be our new wine bar concept.

Also we were 10 years old on December 11. It's been a long, hard slog but it's been worth it and now we're looking forward to what we're doing in the next ten years.

2 Bad

1 We have had very difficult times dealing with a bank that wants all your overdraft back when the times get good. But then the good part to that was we won them over and when  I'm ready I'm moving for sure.

2 Not having enough staff this year, however, that's changing in the new year so not such a bad thing anymore.


1 Building Corks Out into something bigger both regionally and nationally through the website.

2 Working a few less hours


1 Keeping one step ahead of the rest, not just for Corks Out but all independents out there.

2  For the trade that banks will cause some good businesses to go under and credit terms will be difficult.  Also insurance for suppliers will be harder.