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Wine Vision Live News Blog: Social media is as much about listening as taking part

Published:  20 November, 2013

Social media allows us all to be "flys on the wall" at the water coolers of every office in the country, according to Alex Myers of PR and brand consultancy Manifest speaking at today's Wine Vision conference in London.

The agency that has helped shape the brand strategy of Scottish brewer Brewdog believes an important part of social media is not just taking part but listening and acting on the conversation taking place.

Myers said the reason why most beer brands are doing a better job than wine in communicating and interacting with consumers is that they are more likely to ask their customers "how their day has been" rather than feel the need to educate them about their products which seems to be the approach of the wine trade. "Our job with Brewdog is to get people as passionate about the brand as the owners are," he explained.

He was speaking at a session looking at the potential of digital communications for the wine trade.

Jamie Goode of said there had been an "explosion" in media about people talking and writing a wine, but there has not been an increase of "consumption" of that media.

David Fuller of Storyflex said that wine has a "unique opportunity" to tell its story to consumers. People are interested in what goes on in wineries and he encouraged more people in the wine trade to use video to tell those stories. "Wine has amazing bank of potential stories and messages to get out video allows you to do that," he said. "Everyone is now a broadcaster and you need to think like that."

Gavin Quinney, Bordeaux winemaker at Chateau Bauduc said for all the talk of social media when it comes to selling wine, don't forget email. "Fans and follower are for show email is for dough," he said.

Tessa Barrear of advertising agency Lexis said it was important to remember that everyone now is a potential influencer for your brand. The key, she said, was to get that one to one communication with consumers so that they recommend your brand to consumers. Make them your advocates.