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Lidl trials return scheme after DRS delay

Published:  08 February, 2024

Discounter Lidl has launched its own return scheme for PET plastic and aluminium drinks containers, eight months after the Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) was delayed by the Scottish government.


UK government overrules glass inclusion in Scottish DRS

Published:  30 May, 2023

The latest back and forth between the UK government and Scotland’s devolved powers has derailed plans for Scotland to include glass as part of a Deposit Return Scheme (DRS), with glass now to be fully excluded both north and south of the border.


Rethinking glass

Published:  21 April, 2022

With glass recycling now definitively out of the deposit return scheme for England and Northern Ireland, the question of what to do with glass is back on the agenda. Could the future be reusable? Jo Gilbert reports.


Majestic unveils national cork recycling scheme

Published:  07 September, 2021

Majestic has unveiled details of a nationwide cork recycling scheme in over 200 of its stores.


UKH: ‘DRS must be workable for hospitality'

Published:  07 June, 2021

Safety and space concerns, increased business costs and bureaucracy caused by the Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) would place a disproportionate burden on many hospitality businesses, UK Hospitality (UKH) has said in response to the government’s proposal on the scheme.


Govt opens DRS consultation and announces delay of scheme

Published:  25 March, 2021

The government has launched its second consultation into a Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) for England, Wales and Northern Ireland. 


UK glass manufacturer creates 'world’s most sustainable glass bottle'

Published:  09 February, 2021

Glass container manufacturer Encirc has create what it claims to be the world’s most sustainable glass bottle. 


Absolut follows up 'paper' bottle launch with 60% recycled glass edition

Published:  01 February, 2021

Pernod Ricard’s flagship vodka brand, Absolut, has launched its latest limited-edition bottle made of 60% recycled glass, making it the brand’s most sustainable glass bottle to date. 


Everything we know about the DRS so far – and what you should too

Published:  09 January, 2020

A major new scheme aimed specifically at boosting recycling rates and combating littering for bottled drinks is due to arrive in Scotland in 2021 and the rest of the UK soon after. So what do we know so far?


New recycling service launches for corks and cartons

Published:  11 November, 2019

Recycling company First Mile has launched a new scheme to help both consumers and businesses recycle wine corks and long-life food and drink cartons.


Scottish DRS could put glass recycling in reverse and increase use of plastic

Published:  22 May, 2019

UK glass manufacturers have warned the Scottish deposit recycling scheme, which includes glass, will “prompt a switch to plastic packaging” and could result in “plant closures and job losses”.


Nomacorc producer to launch “major” recycling partnership

Published:  14 December, 2018

Wine closures giant Vinventions is the latest to re-affirm its commitment to sustainability via several new initiatives aimed at reducing waste and reaching zero carbon emissions.