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Campari donates 1 million euros to tackle coronavirus outbreak

Published:  16 March, 2020

Campari Group has announced it is making a major donation to a public healthcare institution on the front line of battling the coronavirus (Covid-19) in Italy.

The sum will be used to finance the creation of an intensive care unit for patients in the most severe stages of the virus, alongside 10 resuscitation kits.

The company penned an impassioned letter to Milan, where Campari was founded, as the city finds itself at the centre of the global coronavirus crisis.

“Today, you are hit by an emergency that is taking its toll on all of Italy and the whole world. But you don’t give up.

“You are the symbol of a region and a country where passionate teams of doctors and health workers are working tirelessly with professionalism and extreme dedication to heal the deep wounds that the Coronavirus emergency is inflicting to all of us,” the letter read.

The donation comes as Italy finds itself in one of the worst healthcare crises of a generation.

The country is currently on official lockdown, with government shutting down events and travel while citizens are told to avoid social gatherings and stay inside.

The UK is widely thought to be behind Italy in terms of the number and seriousness of cases by about two weeks.

Meanwhile, others parts of the trade in Italy are also lending support to embattled local hospitals.

Friuli-based Zorzettig winery has released a limited edition bottle to support the intensive care unit of Ospedale Universitario Santa Maria della Misericordia in Udine.

The label “everything will be alright” is being released in eight languages, and is donating the proceeds to medical staff.

Campari is also inviting others to donate to ASST Fatebenefratelli Sacco in Milan, the public healthcare institution which is dealing with the Coronavirus out break there.

More details can be found online.