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The Russia house

Published:  23 July, 2008

Drinks Industry 2005
23-25 November
Crocus Expo
Moscow, Russia

Organisers: Asti Group Exhibition Company
Smolensky Passage, 3 Smolenskaya Square, Moscow, Russia
Tel: +7 (095) 797 6914

The fifth Drinks Industry exhibition, in Moscow's Crocus Expo Centre, is the biggest and most international in the event's five-year history. Thousands of visitors are expected to take in the numerous exhibiting companies' wares (see below for full list), and for international visitors, the event provides both a snapshot of what's going on in the increasingly lucrative Russian market and an opportunity to break into it. For exhibitors, meanwhile, the event is a chance to show their wares to potential clients from Russia and further afield. Countries represented on the stands include Italy, Spain, Argentina, France, Romania, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Moldova, Mexico, South Africa, Chile, Australia and New Zealand.

Alongside the stands, the event promises a number of features to lure visitors and exhibitors from the cut and thrust of the exhibition floor. Some are serious: there will be dedicated salons for fine wines and spirits and cigars; the climax of the Moscow Wines & Spirits Competition and the Indepedent Wine Club's annual awards; and a Cigar Championship. Others are a little more lighthearted: a mini-golf tournament and a casino. The resulting programme, in the words of event organiser, Asti Group's president Nariner Bagmanyan, is interesting for all experts and connoisseurs of expensive cigars, tobacco, chocolate, accessories and small things. You can tell from our original invitation, which was in the form of a cash chip, the kind of people we're looking to attract: people who know how to pamper themselves; people who are more interested in what they like than what they need!'

The Exhibitors

Acorex (Moldova)

Agrelma (Italy)

Alianta Group (Russia)

ALT Group (USA)

Argo-1 (Russia)

Arida (Russia)

Arktika (Russia)

Artel Yat (Russia)

Avicenna Dcor (Belarus)

Andreola Orsola (Italy)

Di Sallier da la Tour (Italy)

Vinicola Bonfiglio (Italy)

Aztek Harvest (Mexico)

Bakhus (Russia)

Balt Pack (Russia)

Baltic Alcoholic Company (Russia)

Belalco (Belorus)

Benat (Russia)

Borjomi (Russia/Georgia)

Bostavan (Moldova)

Brocus (Russia)

Campo del Sole (Italy)

Cantina Albea (Italy)

Cantina del Castello (Italy)

Cantina Monteliana (Italy)

Cantina Sociale la Guardiense (Italy)

Castello de Perelada (Spain)

Castello di Monastero (Italy)

Chato le grand Vostok (France/Russia)

Citt del Vinoconsorzio Tutela del Ramandolo (Italy)

Cos. Mec (Italy)

Crimean Legends (Russia)

Cristall Distillery (Russia)

Debrise Dulac (France )

Derbent Cognac Plant (Russia)

Derevenskoe Podvorie (Russia)

Dizio (Italy)

Dionis Club (Russia/Moldova)

Dobriy vkus (Russia)

El Bodegon (Russia )

Elan (Russia)

Elevar (Russia)

Elga (Russia)

Enoria Sommelier School (Russia)

EST Contact (France )

EuroCave (Russia)

Fratelli Marchisio & C (Italy)

Fazi Battaglia (Italy)

FBT Engineering Group (Italy)

Fondomar (Spain)

Frank Toma (France )

Fratelli Sancia (Italy)

Fructonad (Russia)

G.p. Service (Italy)

Galaxy (Russia)

Geizer (Russia)

Gergava (Russia)

Glass Dcor (Russia)

Golondrina Export Group (Spain)

Gross Group of Companies (Russia)

Grupo Garbin (Argentina)

Grupo Penin (Spain)

Italinox Ariel (Russia)

Johnnie Walker (Scotland)

Keramika (Russia)

Kizlyarskiy Cognac Plant (Russia)

Klin-Steklotara (Russia)

Kontabria (Russia)

Kontinent (Ukraine)

Kontur-Aqua (Russia)

Kuban Vino (Russia)

Ladoga (Russia)

Lauretana (Italy )

Le Vigne d'Italia (Italy)

Lenz Moser (Austria)

Lion Gri (Moldova)

Los Haroldos (Argentina)

Magadanskiy Distillery (Russia)

Mariinskiy Distillery (Russia)

Matamorre (Spain)

Maykop Winery (Russia)

Mediterranea (Italy)

Nedialkov (Russia)

Norwegian Shipbrokers (Norway)

Ost-aqua (Russia)

Parol Vini (Italy)

Pechatnaya Manufactura (Russia)

Pivdom (Russia)

Progress (Russia)

Promendoza (Argentina)

Quick Link (Italy)

Rodnik (Russia)

Rusimex (Romania)

Russian Wine and Vodka Trust (Russia)

Rusvinpack (Russia)

Saima (Russia/Finland)

Shelld Group (Russia)

Simvol (Russia)

Sitall (Russia )

Solania - Poderi del Sole (Italy)

Steklo Podmoskovia (Russia)

Tatspirtprom (Russia)

Tenimenti Angelini (Italy)

Tenuta di Valgiano (Italy)

Tenuta San Vito (Italy)

Toliatispirtprom (Russia)

Topaz (Russia)

Tulskiy winery (Russia)

Ugrosproduct (Russia)

Unicork (Russia)

Unisto (Germany)

Vallformosa (Spain)

Velikoustugskiy Distillery (Russia)

Vikont Winery (Russia)

Via Fundacion de Mendoza (Argentina)

Via Viejo Carreton (Argentina)

Vitale Vini (Italy)

Vladimirskiy Center Tari (Russia)

Walter Skoff (Austria)

Weingut Rabl (Austria)

White Hall (Russia)

Wihittman (USA)

Zheijang Yongsheng Packing Company (China)