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Published:  23 July, 2008

Leading Bordeaux producers have declared themselves against the proposed Vin de Pays d'Aquitaine designation, while giving a more conciliatory message regarding the Cpages de France category. At the CIVB's general meeting on 15 July (as reported in French review VSB), Xavier Carreau, president of the Fdration des Grands Vins de Bordeaux, read a text clarifying his organisation's stance on Vin de Pays d'Aquitaine: The administrators of our federation,' he announced, have declared themselves resolutely and unanimously opposed to this creation... There is no guarantee that a wine producer who is struggling to achieve the quality required for AOC will produce a vin de pays of an acceptable standard. The surge of wine in this category,' the statement continued, where the difference in permitted yield will swell a market already in surplus will bring about the impoverishment of our countryside.' Carreau concluded: It seems deluded to advance wines with no reputation, when for decades our industry has capitalised on, and invested in, the name "Bordeaux".' In a passage designed to establish common ground with the ngociants, Carreau added: We are considering the application of international oenological practices in the AOC, or even outside the AOC in the Cpages de Vins de France category. These rules would give greater flexibility for the development of products suited to export markets, which the ngociants are looking for, to face up to international competition.' For the record, Christian Delpeuch, president of the Fdration du Ngoce, emphasised that it was essential to act. There is a need to be aware that the market does not absorb our total production We need to take important decisions quickly. If not, they will be forced on us by the market in an irreversible way.' Faced with these contradictory points of view, Jean-Louis Trocard, re-elected to the presidency of the CIVB, affirmed that an important part of his mandate would be to secure the unity of the two sides of the industry - producers and merchants - which he said had been damaged by the present situation'.

Bordeaux boosts promotional spend The CIVB has approved a promotional budget of e21 million for 2003, an increase of 20% on 2002. A large part of the spend will be on the launch of a new logo - the Bow Tie having been condemned as too elitist - and on intensifying existing promotional activity. Two newly targeted countries are Russia and South Korea.