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Many IWC trophy-winning wines seek UK importers

Published:  22 June, 2012

Importers looking to expand their listings should consider the many trophy-winning wines from the International Wine Challenge that haven't yet got a UK agent, say organisers.

French wines scored the highest number of trophies at the International Wine Challenge this year, taking home 35.

In second place was Australia, which won 14 trophies; followed by Italy with 12; Portugal with 11 and Spain with 10 trophies.

Other trophy winners included Argentina (3); Austria (4); Canada (1); Chile (3); Germany (3); Hungary (1); New Zealand (8); South Africa (3), while England's Ridgeview's Marksman, listed at Marks & Spencer with an rrp of £21.99, took home the English Sparkling Trophy.

French wines were also recognised for being great value, scooping six trophies in this category while supermarket Tesco's Finest was also recognised for its great value wines, taking home six of the 13  great value trophies awarded. Mark & Spencer won two great value trophies for its Dry Old Oloroso 37.5cl and Le Froglet Rosé.

Ray O'Connor, IWC's commercial manager, said: "Many outstanding trophy winning wines do not yet have a UK agent such as French White Trophy winner Gilles Flacher's Condrieu and Hunter Valley Semillon Trophy winners McLeish Estate.

"We urge importers to look into wines such as these for future listings."

He added that the "consistency in both wine quality and the integrity of the judging system" was evident in wines such as Albariño De Fefiñanes and Pieropan's La Rooca who picked up the same trophies in consecutive years; Albariño Trophy and Soave/Italian white Trophy respectively.

Fourteen sake trophies were awarded - the winners were Hiden Yamahai Yukinobosha; Yamabuki Gold; Jukuseikoshu Hidanohana Suiou; Daiginjo Fukukomachi; Honjozo Myokosan; Junmai Ginjo Yukinobosha; Daishinsyu N.A.C Hama-nojo; Hanahato Kijoshu aged for eight Years; Daishinsyu Kanpyokai Shuppin jikomi - Binkakoi Junmai Daiginjo; Koshinohomare Daiginjo; Hokusetsu Junmai Daiginjo Koshitanrei; Kurosawa Junmai Ginjo; Matsunokotobuki Daiginjo Genshu Gensuiten and Sanran Daiginjo.

To see the full list of trophy winners, visit