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Jerry Lockspeiser: Do we have the courage to change?

Published:  21 December, 2022

It’s the time of year for reflection – on what has passed and what might come. Brexit, Covid, war in Europe, and the multiple consequences of the cost-of-living crisis cast a negative shadow. We might feel paralysed, ready to draw in our horns. Yet, two famous quotes point us towards positive thinking.


Chateau Ksara upgrades sustainability initiatives to tackle “extreme” climate pressure

Published:  20 June, 2022

Chateau Ksara, a leading Lebanese wine producer and one of the country’s oldest companies, has announced it is pushing forward with a roster of new climate action initiatives to tackle “extreme pressure” on natural resources.


Australian wine brand removes over 10 million plastic bottles from world oceans

Published:  08 February, 2022

The Hidden Sea, founded by Aussie rules football star-turned-winemaker Richie Vandenberg and Justin Moran in 2021, and brought into the UK by Kingsland Drinks, has achieved a major sustainability milestone by removing the equivalent of more than 10 million single-use plastic bottles from the ocean.


Indies: Sustainable steps

Published:  10 December, 2021

With sustainability roaring back to the top of the agenda, Harpers surveyed the indie sector to discover what demonstrable initiatives, innovations and actions leading merchants have implemented on their green journey.


Brewdog teases Bad Beer Vodka as brewer celebrates carbon negativity

Published:  24 August, 2020

Beer powerhouse Brewdog is continuing to pave the way for sustainable action as it teases the launch of a zero waste vodka made from brews which are not quite in spec or too old to sell.


Everything we know about the DRS so far – and what you should too

Published:  09 January, 2020

A major new scheme aimed specifically at boosting recycling rates and combating littering for bottled drinks is due to arrive in Scotland in 2021 and the rest of the UK soon after. So what do we know so far?


Wine’s darker materials: glass vs the alternatives

Published:  06 January, 2020

A rising clamour over packaging and sustainability is leading many parts of the industry to go back to the drawing board on glass and look at alternative materials. Does plastic deserve its bad reputation?


Gove pats Pernod Ricard on the back for green efforts

Published:  08 June, 2018

Pernod Ricard has had a pat on the back from UK environment secretary Michael Gove after 500 of its staff spent the day clearing rubbish from river banks and beaches across the UK.