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ReSea Project seeks drinks partners to combat ocean pollution

Published:  13 May, 2022

ReSea Project is calling on UK drinks brands, manufacturers and importers to upscale their environmental credentials and commit to removing plastic from the planet’s oceans and rivers.   

The organisation is on a mission to push the agenda for plastic-free waters and is seeking British drinks partners to join forces to help tackle the number one environmental concern for consumers – plastic pollution. 

ReSea Project is a Danish company that has already removed 1.4m million kilos of plastic from oceans and rivers last year. Operating out of South-East Asia, the ReSea Project works with major drinks brands, including The Hidden Sea Wine and Stoli vodka. 

This call to action comes as studies show the UK’s supermarkets account for a shocking 800,000 plus tonnes of plastic packaging waste a year - with eight million pieces of plastic infiltrating waterways every day.  

According to a government report, the UK reportedly generates more plastic waste per person than any other country bar the US and currently less than 10% of household plastics are recycled.

The report added that consumers are increasingly concerned about their environmental footprint, especially in the drinks sector, where 69% of European consumers consider sustainability issues, such as packaging when making a purchase.

Christine Tangdal of ReSea Project says: “We're already working with a selection of popular drinks brands in the UK and the results have been immediate and impressive, with simple mechanics like for every bottle sold the equivalent of 10 plastic bottles are removed from oceans and rivers.   

“Partnerships such as this really chime with the consumer as it's such a pressing environmental issue - and means companies can lead the way with initiatives that care for the planet and leverage their environmental commitments.  

“Our solution has shown to be a true win-win. Consumers prefer brands that do something positive for the environment, and by partnering with ReSea Project, our partners get a brilliant chance to show consumers that choosing their brand has a direct and documented impact on our planet."

Companies interested in supporting Resea Project to remove plastic waste from the world’s oceans and rivers can email