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Harpers Alcohol Survey

Published:  23 July, 2008

To do this we need your help. Harpers is offering two free subscriptions, worth 145 each, to UK readers, selected at random, who answer the following questionnaire. Pull out these centre pages, fill in the blanks and return them to:
Trade Questionnaire, Harpers, Media House,
Azalea Drive, Swanley, Kent BR8 8HU.
If you wish to be entered into the prize draw, please print out these pages and fill in your name and details in the space provided at the bottom of the page. To guarantee your confidentiality, the name will be removed and placed into the draw by a member of staff not connected to the wine trade BEFORE the questionnaire is passed on to the Harpers editorial team.

Deadline: 1 September 2005

Section 3: Your attitudes to alcohol

Do you feel well informed about the health issues surrounding alcohol?

What do you feel are the greatest health problems related to alcohol consumption?

How would you define the terms:



Would you describe your intake of alcohol as healthy?

Have you ever felt your drinking was problematic? In what way?

Section 4: Drinking and your career

Do you ever feel under pressure to drink in work situations? Do you feel you can refuse to drink at work-related events?

Do you feel that drinking for professional purposes has affected your health in any way?

If you were ever to stop drinking, for health or other reasons, do you feel you would be able to continue with your career?

Do you feel your employer has a responsible attitude to drinking? Do they take measures to keep you informed of the risks of excessive alcohol consumption?

Section 5: Drinking, colleagues and the trade

Do you feel that any of your colleagues have problems with alcohol?

If so, what kind of problems?

Have you, your employer or one of your colleagues ever done anything to help the colleague?

Do you feel that there is a higher-than-average number of drink problems in the drinks trade compared to other professions?

In general, do you think there is more or less alcohol consumed in the trade than 5/10/25 years ago?

In the interests of confidentiality, we do not require a name or address on your reply, but we would welcome some information on your background.

Name: (optional)

Age: Gender:

Job title:

Number of years in the drinks trade:

E-mail address:

The prize draw is not open to the employees of Nexus Media/Harpers