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Crush Wines invests in Portugal's resurgence

Published:  18 May, 2016

Crush Wines is vouching for the growing reputation of Portuguese wines as no longer just "after dinner digestifs" by adding a producer to its portfolio.

Crush Wines is vouching for the growing reputation of Portuguese wines as no longer just "after dinner digestifs" by adding one of the country's producers to its portfolio.

The UK and European distributor has welcomed Portuguese producer Vincente Faria Vinhos.

Vincente Faria has a 200-year family history of winemaking in the Douro and previously led the Oenology team at the renowned Aveleda S.A. before establishing his own winery in 2001.

A spokesperson for Crush Wines said the time was right to recognise the quality of the country's still wines.

They said: "Portugal is no longer rated simply for its sensational after dinner digestif, it has now taken its place amongst the world's leading areas of still wine production.

"From deep, dark and brooding red wines to fruity rosé's and refreshing whites made from indigenous varietals such as Fernao Pires - even the once ridiculed Vinho Verde has seen a fashionable resurgence."

Despite difficult to pronounce grape varietals, Portuguese wine has cultivated an easy-to-drink reputation with UK consumers, the company said.

"Portugal has seen a shift towards becoming a serious player in the wine market. At face value it shouldn't work. For one the grape varieties often used are difficult to pronounce. However, contrary to what you would expect this hasn't put off your generation X and millennial consumer - rather they opt simply to request a 'Portuguese wine', quite simply because they are very approachable, easy to drink and still offer excellent value for money."

All grapes at the Vincente Faria Vinhos estate are grown and hand-selected with a focus on the indigenous Portuguese grape varietals for both red and white wine.

Vincente Faria VinhosVincente Faria Vinhos

Crush Commercial Manager, Emma Laval, said: "Not only is Vincente one of the most respected Portuguese winemakers but his wines and winemaking style have pushed the boundaries of Portugal's winemaking approach.

"His continued focus on blending tradition and innovation goes further to demonstrate that Portugal is a forward-thinking wine producing country adapting to changes in the consumer palate and producing some truly exciting wines."

Vincente Faria's ancestors have been making wine in the Douro Valley since the early 19th Century.

Following training in Portugal and at several chateaux in Bordeaux Vincente returned to the Douro and established his own company in 2001.

From humble beginnings, he now produces wine in all major regions of Portugal and France with over 98% of the wines are exported to Europe, Canada, America, Africa and South East Asia.

Crush Wine's distribution incorporates the UK, various countries in Europe, the Middle East and the Far East.