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Powershot gets UK release

Published:  23 October, 2008

Making natural energy compact as a 10ml bottle, Powershot emerges as a premium energy shot with 100% natural ingredients.
Source: Powershot

Source: Powershot

Making natural energy compact as a 10ml bottle, Powershot emerges as a premium energy shot with 100% natural ingredients.

Powershot uses a 7000 year-old Chinese recipe to deliver a special form of ginseng in an energy-replenishing, quick-relief format.
Whether at work or at play, busy lifestyles require that all-day energy force to enable high performance.

Quick, convenient and fun, Powershot provides that extra boost you need to help you through the day.

Powershot launched in Denmark over 4 years ago and is listed in convenience grocers such as "7-11" alongside leisure retail, cafes and bars. Now, Powershot is Europe's leading natural energy-shot brand being stocked in top retail stores throughout Europe.

Because of the convenient size, Powershot offers the perfect solution for active people that crave an on-the-go, pick-me-up. The 10 ml bottle fits easily inside a purse or pocket readily available for use at any time.

Simply pop the lid, insert the straw and feel the power. Powershot can be drunk using the in-pack straw, added to a long cool drink or hot decaffeinated beverage for a more natural energy source.

Powershot is low calorie (7 kcal/10 ml) and made from three all-natural, ingredients: panax ginseng, honey and spring water. Ginseng has been used in China and Tibet for over 7,000 years.

The word "panax" comes from the Greek "panakeia," meaning "all healing" or "universal remedy," indicating the knowledge that ginseng is effective in combating ailments of all kinds.

Powershot is a healthy alternative to high calorie, chemical soft drinks with caffeine and taurine stimulants.

Powershot helps to strengthen the immune system, improve physical capabilities, heighten mental powers and also promotes well-being and balance.

A mental makeover and refreshing swell of energy all contained in just 10 ml, Powershot is the natural way to better any day. Powershot helps you enjoy your free time, relieves pressure at work, helps your sharpen-up for exams and can give you the sporting edge.

Powershot is also ideal for driving stimulation for those long journeys.

Powershot is now available through large distributors such as Bestways, Healthy Sales and Product Chain, with in store retail presence starting with Holland and Barrett, selected Waitrose stores and independent convenience and health food stores.

Supported by the Captive Minds Communications Group with a £1.2m integrated marketing plan Powershot is likely to become part of our daily busy schedules.

Ray Rohrbach, Powershot CEO, comments: "Consumer apathy towards gallons of chemical-based energy drinks is increasing and consumers are looking for a natural, smaller source of energy.
With the increasing consumer desire to promote 'health and beauty from within' Powershot is well placed to capitalise on these early trends".

Marcus Chidgey, Captive Minds Group CEO comments: "The 'energy shot' market was valued at $125m in the US in 2007, being the largest growing sector of the energy drinks market.

The UK is tipped to mirror this trend. Using our array of leisure and hospitality clients, we are looking to establish Powershot early as a market leader."