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Bordeaux harvest: day 25

Published:  23 July, 2008

The Bordelais move into the cellar as the true quality of the 2007 is gauged

Alexandra Martet - Chateau Lavison

"Well, I have put the refractometer away - it always seems strange to think that it is all finished for the year.

"We have just begun to run off the Cabernet Franc. The cellar is less full than usual.

"It looks as if it will be a tough year financially, especially if the market rates for Bordeaux rouge don't increase.

"Stephane (Becquet - agronomist from Yvon Mau) seems happy with the quality. I still cannot taste properly because of my cold.

"The IPT (phenol / tannin index) is, amazingly, around 70 on average, which is pretty good after such a rainy year.

"It's cold and we have already had a frost. Still very dry, so it will be a great year for sweet wines (great - I like those!).

"The leaves on the vines are all brown, because the frost got to them so quickly - it's a shame because it means the autumn colours have not lasted long.