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Published:  23 July, 2008

Twenty-five German producers (all with winemakers under 35 years old) from various regions will showcase their wines - mainly Riesling, but also other regional grape varieties - at this event.

Participants were selected in February by a panel of young trade experts in the UK, including Tesco wine buyer James Davis, sommelier Andrea Bricarello and journalist David Williams.

After a blind tasting, the wines selected for their quality were subjected to a second round of testing, where they were judged on their packaging and suitability for the UK market.

Only six of the 25 wineries currently have importers, so the event is a must for agents wishing to capitalise on increased interest in new-wave German styles.

Nicky Forrest from Wines of Germany comments: 'This is an exciting departure for Wines of Germany and a true reflection of what is happening across the German wine industry. The level of interest in the event has been huge, with 89 wine entries whittled down to the 25 wineries that will be present at the tasting.'

Armin Gring, director of the Deutches Weininstitut, adds: 'One of the aims of Generation Riesling is to foster a spirit of cooperation among German wine producers.

Rather than seeing each other as competitors, many of the young winemakers have joined forces through regional groups - such as 'Message in a Bottle' in the Rheinhessen or 'Sdpfalz Connection' from the Pfalz.

These groups share experiences and develop common marketing strategies, often through events to generate interest among young people in German wine.'

Participating wineries

Weingut Berres, Mosel-Saar-Ruwer - Table 1

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This 3.5 hectare (ha) estate from the Mosel-Saar-Ruwer - producing just 2,500 nine-litre cases annually - will show a range of 2004 and 2005 Rieslings from across the sweetness spectrum, from Kabinett to Trockenbeerenauslese.

Weingut Paulinshof, Mosel-Saar-Ruwer - Table 2

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This 9ha property is showing eight different Sptlese and Auslese Rieslings from the 2004 and 2005 vintages, made by 33-year-old winemaker Oliver Jngling.

Weingut Deutschherrenhof, Mosel-Saar-Ruwer - Table 3

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The wines on show from this 9ha estate include a 2005 Pinot Blanc QbA and a 2005 Riesling Selection. Also available to taste will be a 2002 Auslese Riesling and a 2003 Sptlese Riesling.

Weingut FJ Regnery, Mosel-Saar-Ruwer - Table 4

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Winemaker Peter Regnery, 32, will be presenting a wide range of styles at the event. Among the wines on show are a 2005 Riesling Kabinett, a 2005 Riesling Grosses Gewchs Klsserather Bruderschaft and a 2004 Riesling Eiswein.

Moselland, various regions - Table 5

Distributed by PLB

Twenty-six-year-old Mathias Kamer, winemaker at Germany's largest co-operative (with 2,350 members), will present the Divinum Mosel Riesling range (sealed with the Vino-Lok glass closure), as well as the Insignum range of four single-vineyard Mosel Rieslings, the entry-level Gentle Hills Riesling from Nahe and a Qualittswein Pinot Grigio from the Rheinhessen.

Weingut Karl Ottes, Rheingau - Table 6

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This 6ha estate is concentrating on the drier styles from the Rheingau, showing seven Rieslings - including a Kabinett, Classic and an Erstes Gewchs - as well as a Sptburgunder.

Weingut Heinz Nikolai, Rheingau - Table 7

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Winemaker Frank Nikolai, 34, will present eight Rieslings from the company's 11ha estate. Styles range from a dry QbA through Classic, Kabinett, Sptlese and Auslese. All the wines are from the 2004 and 2005 vintages.

Weingut Balthasar Ress, Rheingau - Table 8

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Christian Ress, 32, will be showing seven Rieslings of various styles from this larger property of 35ha (20,000 cases), including a 2003 Riesling Trockenbeerenauslese.

Gutsverwaltung Neiderhausen-Schlossbckelheim,

Nahe - Table 9

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This 30ha Nahe estate will be showing eight Rieslings of various styles, all from the 2005 vintage. Twenty-nine-year-old winemaker Christian Vogt presents.

Weingut Khling-Gillot, Rheinhessen - Table 10

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Carolin Gillot, 28, will present six Rieslings and two Sptburgunders. All the wines, except for a 2003 Riesling Eiswein, are of QbA quality.

Weingut Landgraf, Rheinhessen - Table 11

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This 10ha Rheinhessen producer will present four Riesings from 2004, two from 2005, a 2004 Gewrztraminer Auslese and a 2003 Sptburgunder QbA.

Weingut Hiestand, Rheinhessen - Table 12

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Twenty-seven-year-old winemaker Gunther Hiestand will be on hand to pour eight wines spanning a number of different grapes and styles. As well as four Rieslings of various sweetness levels, there will be a 2005 blend, a 2004 Weissburgunder, a 2004 Scheurebe and a 2001 Portugieser.

Weingut Oekonomierat Johann Geil I Erben, Rheinhessen - Table 13

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This Rheinhessen producer of 30ha will be showing five 2005 Rieslings of various quality levels, as well as a 2004 Rieslaner Suleser and a 2005 Weissburgunder Sptlese.

Weingut Winter, Rheinhessen - Table 14

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Stefan Winter, at 25, is the joint youngest member of the Generation Riesling group. He will be presenting six Rieslings from the last three vintages as well as a 2005 Silvaner, a 2005 Grauburgunder and a 2005 Chardonnay/Weissburgunder blend.

Weingut Seehof, Rheinhessen - Table 15

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This 15ha winery from Rheinhessen will be showing be showing six Rieslings from the 2005 vintage, alongside a 2005 Beerenauslese blend. Winemaker Florian Fauth is one of the three 25-year-olds in the Generation Riesling project.

Weingut Keller, Rheinhessen - Table 16

Imported by Howard Ripley

The 12.5ha Weingut Keller estate will be showing just six wines at the tasting, all of which are Rieslings. The wines include two Grosses Gewchs from 2004. The wines will be presented by the 32-year-old Klaus Peter Keller.

Weingut Martinshof, Rheinhessen - Table 17

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Seven Rieslings will be on show from this 20ha estate from the 2003, 2004 and 2005 vintages. Winemaker Achim Martin, 29, will pour the wines.

Reh Kendermann, various regions - Table 18

Imported by Reh Kendermann UK

The German wine giant will be pouring eight Rieslings from across its range. The wines include the successful brands Kendermanns Dry Riesling, Black Tower, Bend in the River and its collection of three dry Rieslings from different terroirs: Kalkstein, Roter Hang and Schiefer.

Weingut Kranz, Pfalz - Table 19

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This 17ha Pfalz producer will be showing five Rieslings from 2005, three of which are dry, together with two 2005 Weissburgunders and a 2004 Sptburgunder.

Weingut Pfeffingen, Pfalz - Table 20

Imported by Robert Anthony Wines

Thirty-year-old Jan Eymael will pour five Rieslings, two of which are Grosses Gewchs, as well as a 2004 Scheurebe Sptlese, a 2005 Scheurebe Beerenauslese and a 2002 Sptburgunder.

Weingut Gies-Dppel, Pfalz - Table 21

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This 11.5ha estate is showing the widest spread of grape varieties at the tasting. As well as three dry Rieslings from the 2005 vintage, winemaker Volker Gies, 30, will be showing a 2005 Auxerrois, 2005 Weissburgunder, 2005 Sauvignon Blanc and 2004 Sptburgunder.

Weingut Egon Schmitt, Pfalz - Table 22

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Winemaker Jochen Schmitt, at 34, is the joint oldest in the tasting. He will be pouring five Rieslings from the 2004 and 2005 vintages, as well as a 2005 Weissburgunder, a 2005 Grauburgunder and a 2001 'Cuve Rotwein'.

Ruppertsberger Winzerverein, Pfalz - Table 23

Imported by Richard Spiers Wines

This Pflaz producer, at 405ha, is one of the larger producers at the tasting. Ruppertsberger will be showing six wines, only three of which are Rieslings. They are a 2004 Dornfelder Classic, a 2005 Dornfelder Ros QbA, a 2005 Riesling Classic, a 2005 Grauburgunder QbA, a 2005 Riesling Sptlese and a 2004 Riesling Eiswein.

Weingut Ellwanger, Wrttemberg - Table 24

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This 21ha estate from Wrttemburg will be showing six Rieslings, including a 2005 Beerenauslese and a 2003 Eiswein, alongside a 2005 Sauvignon Blanc and a 2003 Sptburgunder.

Weingut Salwey, Baden - Table 25

Imported by Tanners Wines

This 25ha producer, from the 'warmer' region of Baden, is showing just one Riesling, a 2004 Sptlese. The other wines on show from, the 2003, 2004 and 2005 vintages, are three Sptburgunders, two Grauburgunders and two Weissburgunders.