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The mother of all gins

Published:  23 July, 2008

Flanders, which since its partition has straddled both Belgium and the Netherlands, is the home of jenever (genever in Holland, genbre in Belgium and genever in the UK; traditionally also called Schiedam or Dutch Gin).

Producers (Listed are the most important producers and those whose products are imported into the UK)

Dutch producers and their best products:

P. Bokma Distillers,

owned and distributed by Bols

Jonge Graanjenever (35%)

Oude Genever (38%)

De Kuyper,

Oude Gran jenever (38%)


Ketel 1, Jonge Graanjenever (35%)

UTO Nederland, fax +31 10 4270528

Notaris V.O., minimaal 3 jaar gelagerd (35%)


Oude Genever, extra zacht (36%)

Oude Genever, 3 jaar gelagerd (38%)

Belgian producers and their best products:

Graanstokerij Braeckman,

Oude Graanjenever (38%)

Old jenever Kiekendief (40%).


Cuve du Centenaire (38%).

Graanstokerij Filliers,

Graanjenever Filliers (35%)

5 jaar oud Filliers pure (38%)

8 jaar oud Filliers oude (50%)

Brennerei - Distillerie Radermacher,

Lambertus (38%)

Stokerij Rubbens,

Originele Oost-Vlaamse Graanjenever (38%)

Oude Genever, Vieux Systme (35%)

Stokerij Van Damme,

Balegemse Graanjenever Vieux Systme (41%)

Likeurstokerij V.d.S. (Van der Schueren), fax +32 53 7839262

Faluintjes Oude Graanjenever (35%)

Oude Klare Graanjenever (41%)

Van Hoorebeke, owned and distributed by FY (Fourcroy-Renglet),

Echte Eeklose jenever (30%)

Echte Oostvlaamse Graanjenever (38%)

Echte Eeklose jenever 8 jaar oud (38%)