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2014 Review and Hopes and Fears for 2015: Origin Wines' Bernard Fontannaz

Published:  24 December, 2014

Bernard Fontannaz, founder of Origin Wines, talks about the 'game-changing' supply base consolidation and what 2015 has in store in his review of the year.

Bernard FontannazBernard Fontannaz

Bernard Fontannaz, founder of Origin Wines, talks about the 'game-changing' supply base consolidation and what 2015 has in store in his review of the year.

How was 2014 for you/your business?

2014 was a challenging year, but overall, a good year for Origin, especially, thanks to the successful extensions of our offering, beside our historical ones being South Africa and South America, of French with "La Folie Douce", Italian with "Calitalia" and Australian with "Camden Park",  wines.

What do you think were the most significant things that happened/ issues/trends that occurred in 2014?

The biggest trends is on consolidation of the supply base, a long time in the making but, now, happening and rather fast!

It will be a game changer and it will bring some material changes in the current landscape as fewer will make it.

What opportunities are you most looking forward to working on in 2015?

To be in the fewer of those who will make it, as above....I believe that we have the right structure to compete in this market, offering, not only, value for money, a prerequisite to success, but, as well, and as important now days, a fully certified/accredited and traceable supply chain, that, combined, with innovative and creative branding is the recipe for success.

What are the biggest challenges facing the trade in 2015?

Evolution, as Darwin would have said. Adapt, if you've not done already, or disappear, slowly but surely. That is, being in touch with consumer trends and making them a reality in your offering.

Simplicity, we ought to simplify the way business is done to make it more effective.

Accountability, at every level, being social or environmental

Who are the people/companies/retailers to watch in 2015?

Can I have a mirror?

More seriously - the usual suspect - the off trade is going through structural changes, not seen on this magnitude for years which will change the way business is done.

What are you doing for Christmas and New Year?

The least possible - it is about relaxing and enjoying home time

 What will be your favourite tipple over Christmas and New Year?

That's a 'Tell me what you drink and I will tell you who you are' type of question - it's a long list, as it should be.

Among it will definitely be some sparkles, something grassy, some more mineral tones, some good tannins and to finish in beauty a sweet touch.

I'm covering all the bases in essence...

 Favourite Christmas film?

 Why a film when family is around?  That will be enough of a distraction in itself.

Ideal day out over Christmas period?

Snow flakes and white cover....that is Christmas

What do you want most from Father Christmas?

The poor one is busy enough as it I will not bother him this year!

New Year's resolution?

It's too early to tell.....but one will be, as usual, to go back in shape after a week of abundance.