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Consumers prefer screwcaps, says survey

Published:  20 March, 2014

A survey of 6,000 consumers has shown that the majority prefer screwcaps over other closures because they're more convenient.

The survey, carried out by IPSOS across the USA and five major European markets - France, Spain, Italy, Germany and the UK - put screwcaps at the top of the list when polled about reclosing a wine to finish later. Four out of ten surveyed said they had poured away wine from a bottle closed with a cork closure which had been tainted or gone off.

When making buying decisions, if offered the same bottle of wine with different closures, over one third said they would prefer to buy the screwcap version while one quarter said the closure type would not affect their decision.

Another finding showed women and younger consumers have a strong preference for screwcaps.

A spokesman for the European Aluminium Foil Association Closures Group said: "As the market penetration grows across Europe and the USA it is expected that the figures in favour of aluminium closures will even grow further. This will increase pressure on the winemakers and retailers to offer greater choice in future."

The study also showed low awareness when it comes to recycling screwcaps. At present only 30% of consumers think they're easy to recycle. The industry is already promoting their recycling with over 40% already recycled in Europe.

Particular strong markets for screwcaps for wine are the UK, Germany and Austria (up to 50% in retail, depending on the market and type of wine) while the more traditional wine producing countries like France, Italy and Spain have lower market shares although those share increase constantly.

The study was commissioned by the European aluminium closure manufacturers and suppliers who are members of the EAFA Closures Group, part of the European Aluminium Foil Association.