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Wine gets smarter

Published:  27 January, 2022

The OIV’s inaugural digital symposium unveiled the discoveries of a year-long, wide-ranging look into the future of connected technology and how key areas of development will transform sustainability, profitability and efficiency in vineyards. Jo Gilbert reports.


Famille Helfrich tasting moves to London and Manchester

Published:  26 August, 2021

The Famille Helfrich portfolio tasting, which normally takes place in Birmingham, will this year move to Manchester and London in a bid to increase awareness in those areas.


Pledge of €1bn made to mitigate France’s frost “disaster”

Published:  19 April, 2021

The French government has pledged €1 billion in financial aid for farmers and winemakers whose crops have been devasted by this month’s cold snap which has led to the estimated loss of a third of the country’s wine production.


Lockdown will end in Tiers (2 and 3 for most of England)

Published:  26 November, 2020

The end of lockdown will bring little relief for England’s hospitality sector, which is returning to the rule of alcohol “only to be served with substantial meals” or stricter for most of the country.


Essex and East Anglia primed for viticultural expansion say climate change researchers

Published:  28 January, 2020

Climate change researchers have pegged Essex and Norfolk as the next major areas to plant as warmer summers extend the area where grapes can be grown productively in the UK.


Fire and drought continue to threaten New South Wales

Published:  18 November, 2019

The threat of fire continues to hang over the wine growers of New South Wales, with Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology forecasting “severe fire dangers” for Tuesday in a number of regions, including Greater Hunter.


Scandinavian style: Climate change pushes wine to the fringes

Published:  30 January, 2019

For much of the winemaking world, it’s an inconvenient truth that climate change is changing how easily and successfully wine can be made.


Regionalised price increases set to squeeze Europe’s big three thanks to woeful harvest

Published:  05 January, 2018

Europe ran the full gamut of extreme weather conditions last year - everything from frost to fires and heatwaves.