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Soapbox: Stephen Finch on the 2 metre barrier to trade

Published:  08 June, 2020

Asking for rational trade-offs, Vagabond’s Stephen Finch voices the on-trade’s concern over the economic impact of shut-down and the 2 metre distancing rule.


Guy Woodward: Hawking luxury during a pandemic

Published:  05 June, 2020

Around the world, many governments have excelled in recent months, quickly imposing rigorous, e ective measures, and pu ing to one side economic and ideological concerns for the greater good. Others, by contrast, have focused on massaging the facts to suit their narrative and clinging to a preconceived agenda in the face of a gathering storm.


South Western train strike adds to London hospitality woes

Published:  12 December, 2019

Nik Darlington from importer Graft, which specialises in supplying the London on-trade, says the South Western Railway strike alongside steep business rates and overbearing rents with could tip some hospitality businesses over the edge this Christmas…


Neil Anderson: The importance of niche wine brands

Published:  18 September, 2018

We need to get wine brands right for the sake of the future of the category, argues Neil Anderson, marketing director, Kingsland Drinks.


Harpers regulars Atkin and Woodward go ‘mano a mano’ for International Wine Columnist Award

Published:  21 August, 2018

With only two weeks to go until the 4 September final of the prestigious Louis Roederer International Wine Awards, Harpers columnists Tim Atkin MW and Guy Woodward are among the hopeful writers awaiting the final judging decisions.


The week that was

Published:  24 November, 2017

In case you missed some of the headlines this week on, here’s a review of the top online news, analysis and opinion pieces.


Tim Loughton MP, All Party Parliamentary Wine and Spirits Group chair, urges the trade to speak up

Published:  02 February, 2017

With the Budget just around the corner and Brexit going full steam ahead, there has never been a more important time for your voice to be heard in Parliament, writes Tim Loughton MP


Tim Atkin MW: What will happen to brand Brangelina?

Published:  30 September, 2016

You can always rely on the wine trade to show a sense of perspective. As Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie prepare to eviscerate one another in the divorce courts, no doubt damaging the lives of their six children in the process, the question on everyone's lips is: what's going to happen to Château Miraval?


Justin Keay: Pico's Revival

Published:  28 September, 2016

Until the 1990s Pico's wine heritage was little more than history. Few were prepared to take on the big financial and logistical challenges that come with making wine in this extraordinary volcanic terrain. Little wonder - this is like no other wine region I have ever visited, unsurprisingly denominated as a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 2004.


The Smith Report: New packaging formats are getting crafty

Published:  16 September, 2016

Wine has always been resistant to any format other than the classic 75cl bottle, but it has to start relaxing its approach to move forward


Guy Woodward: Would you order a wine selected by an algorithm?

Published:  07 September, 2016

I'm in the market for a new car. Such a substantial purchase demands extensive research. Doubtless petrolheads would be in heaven at the prospect of debating fuel economy stats with like-minded car bores. For me, though, with my pitiful automotive knowledge, it is my worst nightmare.


Andrew Catchpole: What is in the bottle is not the only thing that counts

Published:  05 September, 2016

Editor Andrew Catchpole argues that while wine quality is certaintly important it is not the only way customers buy, particularly when it comes to trying a new wine.


Tim Atkin MW: The impossible task of running a generic body

Published:  02 September, 2016

Tim Atkin MW looks at the challenges of running a generic body and how producers may often times have unrealistic expectations of a single person or job.


Jerry Lockspeiser: The Export Manager's Tale

Published:  24 August, 2016

People working in the wine business arrive by different routes. Jerry Lockspeiser tells the tale of Jan Kaspar and how he came into the wine trade.


Guy Woodward: British chefs love telling us to think local- until it comes to wine

Published:  15 August, 2016

Guy Woodward challenges- is it too much to expect that leading British restaurants carry an English wine by the glass?


Miles Beale: The wine and spirits industry has its heart in the right place - the UK

Published:  08 August, 2016

Miles Beale, the chief executive of the Wine and Spirits Trade Association, reminds us while opportunities and challenges lay ahead following the Brexit vote "this is not a time for knee-jerk reactions", but "it is also not a time to be left standing still either."


Tim Atkin MW: Embracing change and pushing boundaries

Published:  05 August, 2016

Liks so many industries the wine world is in flux and Tim Atkin challenges that may not be a bad thing.


Jerry Lockspeiser: Lessons learnt from Brexit

Published:  19 July, 2016

Many of us in the wine trade rue the Brexit result. Some, including Tim Atkin in his recent Harpers piece, hope that it won't be implemented. I campaigned to Remain, twice writing in Harpers in support, the second time urging readers to join in before it was too late. Alas, now it is. The people have spoken


Guy Woodward: Why wine is failing the hipster test

Published:  15 July, 2016

If there are two things that Brexit has taught us about the mindset of the consumer right now, it's that the prevailing mood is anti-establishment, and that, partly as a consequence, when it comes to communicating a message the detail is not as integral as the tone.


Mike Turner: Can blue wine be good for the wine category?

Published:  13 July, 2016

The world's wine press in recent weeks has been all over Blue Wine.  And when I say blue, I mean BLUE.  It's been in nearly every newspaper and online foodie publication.  Funny thing is that most of us writing these articles have never actually tasted it.  So why is it causing so much of a stir?