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Consumers ready to accept light-weight bottles

Published:  23 July, 2008

UK: The fact that most consumers consider the weight of a bottle to be unimportant signals the industry can move towards lighter-weight packaging

Packaging wine in a light-weight glass bottle is not a barrier to consumer perceptions of good quality.

Many consumers don't have a strong preference for bottle weight and few consumers link light-weight bottles to cheap wine, according to survey findings by Wine Intelligence Vinitirac, conducted for the latest WSTA & Wine Intelligence Consumer Intelligence report.

The survey found that not only is wine packaging not a top of mind choice for most consumers, relative to other factors like varietal, brand or country of origin, but that bottle weight and bottle colour in particular were considered of lesser importance with only 7% and 10% respectively of consumers listing them as important factors.

Consumers considered clear glass the best fit for white wine, and green glass was preferred for red. Most consumers said they would also opt for an average weight bottle sealed with a natural cork. (Although screw cap has greater acceptance for white wine than red.)

The survey also found most consumers (60%) believe all glass bottles are environmentally friendly and 84% think they are easy to recycle.

The findings mean that consumers unlikely to be resistant to a change of glass weight, and so industry moves in this direction can continue unimpeded.

Commenting on the quarterly Consumer Intelligence Report, WSTA Chief Executive Jeremy Beadles said: "One of the key messages from this research is that consumers are open to change, especially if they understand the benefits but that they are conscious of how others will judge the quality of their wine purchase. Older consumers appear to be more receptive to innovation away from the traditional wine package with screw-cap, lighter glass and alternatives to glass."