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Australian wine growers embrace the environment

Published:  23 July, 2008

AUSTRALIA: New survey shows how green the country's wine growers really are.

Results released by The Winemakers Federation of Australia (WFA) show 62% of growers use drip irrigation and 69% use soil moisture monitoring equipment.

Just under half the nation's growers took part in the survey but those who did, represented 70% of the national grape crush, the federation said.

"The results are vital to prove to retailers, governments and investors how environmentally sound the industry is," WFA spokeswoman said.

"The growers have been accused of environmental damage and all the rest so now we can say, ''hold on a minute, we have the results to prove that we are doing the right thing'," she said.

The national survey was undertaken because of "pressure" from retailers and customers overseas and in the domestic market, WFA said.

"It [The survey] means that we can actually prove that we are positive environmental performers and will continue to be so into the future," the spokeswoman confirmed.