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News is all about timing

Published:  18 January, 2007

Regarding your news story Boutflower quits Laymont & Shaw for Tanners' (Harpers, 30 September), I feel a few clarifications are needed.

First, thank you for elevating me to the status of acting managing director. It came as quite a surprise! Unfortunately, Vinoceros's MD Nick Richards pointed out to me that he had intended to portray that I would run the company together with my colleagues Adrian Hunter and Jamie Tonkin, so it would appear that any megalomaniac fantasies that I was just about to enjoy will have to be shelved for the foreseeable future.

Needless to say, the article has inspired some interest, particularly since it comes in the week after John Hawes announced his departure. The news of both departures in consecutive weeks suggests that Laymont & Shaw has taken on the persona of Marie Celeste Wines Ltd. While Robert Boutflower's departure is akin to the captain leaving the ship and is genuinely newsworthy, John's is more like the figurehead dropping off the boat, having loosened the bolts two years ago.

In short, a story has been created more by the timing than by the factual content. For many, Adrian and I are the public face of Laymont & Shaw, and Jamie Tonkin is the face and voice that our suppliers know. As long as this trio continues, ably backed up by Carol Drummond, the vultures will just have to wait.

Philip Harris

Laymont & Shaw