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Pernod Ricard uses Jameson to target younger males with anti-drink driving message

Published:  09 December, 2014

Pernod Ricard UK has ramped up its anti-drink driving campaign this year after an AA Survey found that almost one fifth of drivers have driven the morning after drinking - even when they thought they could have been over the limit.

Jameson Irish whiskey Jameson Irish whiskey will front the Pernod Ricard anti-drink driving campaign this year

Pernod is looking to strengthen its anti-drink driving message this year by bringing in one of its premium spirits to front the campaign - Jameson Irish whiskey.

More than half of drivers (54%) now try to avoid drink driving by agreeing a designated driver before heading out, the survey also said, and Pernod is looking to help provide guidance for drivers about these issues.

The decision to bring in Jameson - the first time the firm has used a brand from its premium spirits portfolio - was based around accessing the whisky's young adult audience.

The anti-drink driving campaign is digital and aimed at 18-34 year old men.  The company says it is targeting consumers whose internet behaviour shows an interest in pubs, clubs and going out. The targeted digital ads will run over the festive season into January 2015 on websites including Time Out, Metro and Transport for London and will feature straplines including, 'Driving? Enjoy a Jameson some other time' and 'The key to a great night. No car key'.

The AA survey also showed that people try drinking water or eating a fried breakfast to alleviate a hangover the next day. But medical advice does not show that these methods have any effect and  Pernod Ricard UK and the AA recommend that if people are going to drive, even early the next day, then they should not drink, and if they are going to drink, don't drive.

AA president Edmund King said: "It is encouraging to see that many people are choosing to select a designated driver before a night out but it's really important that they also consider arrangements for the morning after too. Alcohol levels in the body can still mean that drivers are over the limit the following morning and we want to ensure that people are fully aware of this when they are making the decision whether or not to get behind the wheel."

Denis O'Flynn, managing director of Pernod Ricard UK, added: "This year we are using the Jameson brand, to grab the attention of young adults who may be drink-driving. It's clear that a lot of people are making the right choices but often they don't realise the dangers of driving in the morning after a night of festivities."

In total, Pernod Ricard UK and the Automobile Association have run eight anti-drink driving campaigns over the summer and Christmas periods since December 2010.

Last week fellow drinks giant Diageo ramped up its anti-drink driving message with its Johnnie Walker Scothc whisky brand's Formula 1 sponsorship and giving away free rides home through taxi app Uber.