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Armagnac Academies expands to China

Published:  29 October, 2014

French brandy Armagnac is setting its sights on China with the launch of its Armagnac Acadamies there later this month. 

The Bureau National Interprofessionnel de l'Armagnac (BNIA) is expanding to the Far East following the success of its academies in the UK over the past two years. 

After hosting programmes for the UK wine trade, the BNIA recognised the demand and need for a greater understanding, exposure and appreciation for Armagnac in the global drinks trade.

Currently there is not a large market for Armagnac and it is relatively unknown in China and the rest of Asia. The expansion of the academies to Asia is help raise awareness of the product.

The 'Armagnac Acadmeny' is a day long tasting and a series of course for the drinks trade Attendees include sommeliers, importers, bartenders, wine and spirit merchants. The course consists of learning about the Armagnac region in France, its culture and the history of Armagnac, which is France's oldest spirit. Another course will focus on the production of Armagnac include appellations, terroirs, how it is made, which varieties of grapes go into making Armagnac and how different grapes can contribute to the flavour profile. The distillation process will be covered as well as the significance of ageing, the types of barrels that are used and the importance of cellaring.

All subjects will include tasting so that candidates can further understand the importance of the course work and the impact it can have on Armagnac. The academy is hoping to educate influencers in Asia to further appreciate the diversity of the styles, vintages, blends and producers of Armagnac.

The candidates will then be presented with an official diploma certified by the BNIA from France with a pass, credit or distinction level.

The first Armagnac Academy is to be hosted on Thursday at October 30, 2014  at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Wangfujing district in Beijing.

Places that will be limited to 30 are 1500 CNY per person.

For further information please contact Amanda Graham.

The is a growing trend of producers to set up academies to help build product recognition in China and other parts of Asia. The Vintage Port Academy has been holding similar classes as well to help build awareness of Port as product in Asia. It was formed by the classic Vintage Port houses, Croft, Dow's, Fonseca, Graham's, Taylor's and Warre's.