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Published:  23 July, 2008

The 37th staging of Vinitaly, Italy's annual wine trade fair, is a major event for the world wine sector, and gives a key platform to Italian wines. Michle Shah outlines the new events, facilities and conferences pencilled in for 2003

Over the years, Vinitaly has grown in repertoire and size. Last year, 3,858 exhibitors from 24 countries took part in showcasing wines, while 16,172 visitors from 84 countries made their way through the tightly packed halls, which are spread out over nearly 66,000m2 of floor space. Space is one of Vinitaly's major sore points and the organisers are working to reduce crowds and offer a more comfortable setting, both to visitors and exhibitors. The space available for 2003 is already fully booked, with 70 companies on the stand-by list and a request for a further 4,000m2 over and above that already available. However, this year it would appear that the organisers have made a conscious effort to improve facilities all round. In an attempt to reduce crowding, VeronaFiere is tightening up on tickets issued to exhibitors, while entrance tickets on sale at the gates, priced e30, can be purchased only after completing a registration form and presenting one's business card. Part of VeronaFiere's long-term e44 million investment plan to improve facilities includes new parking areas for exhibitors and new exhibition areas. Visitors arriving by car and exiting at Verona Nord can follow the special signs to zona stadio', an enormous parking area with a shuttle bus running every 15 minutes. From Verona Est, signposts will take visitors to the parking area Fiera Mercato ortofruticolo', within walking distance of Vinitaly. From Verona Sud, signposts lead to another car park, Officina Adige parcheggi', also with a shuttle service to the fair. Once inside, a New Vip Lounge, Margherita Hall (WTC building), will provide exhibitors and registered representatives with a comfortable and fully functional VIP area for relaxed business meetings, away from the busy crowds at the main exhibition. A new initiative planned in the city centre, Wine-Bar-Store, in Palazzo della Gran Guardia, in Piazza Br, overlooking the Arena, is an attempt to lure away the curious crowds of consumers and day-trippers, leaving the floor for trade and business. This new idea, developed in collaboration with Agivi (the Association of Young Wine Producers), is designed to meet the needs of increasingly well-informed consumers, offering tastings and information, as well as the chance to buy wines. A selection of around 80 wines, featuring winners from the 11th International Wine Competition, will be available for tasting. Palazzo della Gran Guardia will also host the second edition of VINtour, an exhibition of wine and olive oil tourism, organised by VeronaFiere in collaboration with Biteg, the international bourse of wine and food tourism (afternoons and evenings, 11-13 April). This year's Vinitaly plays host to a number of competitions, including the 11th International Wine Competition (2-6 April), in which more than 3,200 wines from 30 countries are tasted and judged, with awards given to the best wines in 22 categories. This, and the eighth staging of the International Packaging Competition (24 March), are considered major initiatives, with far-reaching impact and prestige. The International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC), in conjunction with Vinitaly, will present the Communicator of the Year and Young Communicator of the Year awards, to those in media and communications (journalism, publishing, radio, television and cinema) who have distinguished themselves by promoting the culture of wine and spirits. Other events include Tasting Express, a series of guided tasting sessions, courses and seminars on wines from around the world. These are conducted with the co-operation and direct involvement of internationally renowned magazines. On the subject of food and wine pairing, The Citadel of Gastronomy exhibits a variety of international and regional foods, matched to a selection of wines, while Grappa & C. Tasting showcases brandies and spirits. For olive oil enthusiasts, SOL is unique and the largest specialist international show, dedicated exclusively to quality extra virgin olive oil, from organic produce to products with protected origin (DOP) and geographical indication (IGO). The aim is for small to medium producers to consolidate and expand their market niche by presenting their products to a growing number of qualified buyers and consumers. Every year the number of exhibitors from all over Italy expands. This year, Sicily will be adding 25 new exhibitors to its total of 175. In the international arena, Lebanon (with Chateau Kefraya) and Portugal (with the Instituto Do Vinho Do Porto and several Port houses) will be new additions to the established wine-producing countries which, each year, showcase their wines at Vinitaly.

Veronafiere Viale del Lavoro, 8-37100 Verona Tel: +39 045 8298 111; fax: +39 045 8298 288 URL: http:// E-mail:

Date: 10-14 April 2003 Opening hours: 9am-7pm each day Place: Verona Exhibition Centre Entrance: Gate South/Gate East Admission: Trade visitors only Services: Restaurant, hot snacks, bar, conferences and conventions, insurance, public telephones, mobile phone hire, post office, police & security, banks, newsagents, photocopiers, left luggage room. Shuttle service between the Fair and the airport and between the Fair and Verona centre (Piazza Br).

TICKETS Full ticket: valid for 1 entrance - 1 person. Cost: e30 Full pass: valid for 5 entrances - 1 person. Cost: e80 Full tickets and full passes are on sale at Veronafiere shop website. Tickets purchased from 24 March-4 April can be collected at the Welcome desk of the main building upon presentation of the form. Welcome desk opening times: 8-9 April, 9am-1pm and 2.30pm-5.30pm; and during Vinitaly 2003, from 10-14 April, 9am-7pm. Hotel reservation CAV/Cooperativa Albergatori Veronesi Via Patuzzi, 5-37121 Verona Tel. +39 045 800 9844; fax: +39 045 800 9372 URL:

GETTING TO VERONA Verona is at the crossroads of the Venice (115km) to Milan (160km) motorway and the Brennero (220km) to Bologna (140km) motorway, and can be easily reached by road or rail. The Exhibition Centre is about 3km out of the city centre, and a few minutes drive from the Verona sud exit (Venice to Milan motorway). A dual carriageway connects the Exhibition Centre to the local airport (Valerio Catullo).

THE TASTINGS - Tasting Express'

11 April Tokaj 1999 - An extraordinary asz vintage 10am-midday speaker: Andrs Egyedi, Giotto Room, 1st floor, World Trade Centre (WTC) magazine: Borbart - Friends of Wine (Hungary) available seats: 105 price: e18

The Tannat Journey 10am-midday speaker: Isabel Mazzucchelli, Picasso Room, 1st floor, WTC magazine: Cava Privada (Uruguay) available seats: 30 price: e18

South African red wine review 10am-midday speaker: Hymli Krige, Raffaello Room, WTC magazine: Wineland (South Africa) in co-operation with Ist. Enologico Italiano available seats: 35; price: e18

Vertical grappa 3pm-5pm speaker: Luigi Odello, Picasso Room, 1st floor, WTC magazine: L'Assaggio (Italy) available seats: 31 price: e18

Special characteristics of Argentina's Malbec 3pm-5pm speaker: Ricardo Ianne, Raffaello Room, 1st floor, WTC magazine: Master Wine (Argentina) available seats: 36 price: e18

The Pinot Family in Germany 3pm-5pm speaker: Martin Franck, Giotto Room, 1st floor, WTC magazine: Alles ber Wein (Germany) available seats: 101 price: e18

12 April Red Wines from the Marche Italian Region 10.30am-12.30am speaker: Gianluigi Brozzoni, Raffaello Room, 1st floor, WTC magazine: Seminario Permanente Luigi Veronelli (Italy) available seats: 28 price: e18

Willi Brndlmayer and the Kamptal's Wines 3.30pm-5.30pm speaker: Othmar Kiem, Giotto Room, 1st floor, WTC magazine: Falstaff Magazin (Austria) available seats: 55 price: e18

Porto Wine 3.30pm-5.30pm speaker: Richard Mayson, Raffaello Room, 1st floor, WTC magazine: Decanter Magazine (UK) available seats: 34 price: e18

Great Wines from Greek Indigenous Varieties 3.30pm-5.30pm speaker: Dimitris Antonopoulos, Picasso Room, 1st floor, WTC magazine: Magazine Ey Desmi Ekdotiki Ltd (Greece) available seats: 30; price: e18

13 April 10am-midday speaker: To be announced, Raffaello Room, 1st floor, WTC magazine: Der Feinschmecker (Germany) available seats: 37 price: e18

Ribera del Duero: Spain's Best Red Wine? 10am-2pm speaker: Beverley Blanning MW, Giotto Room, 1st floor, WTC magazine: Decanter Magazine (UK) available seats: 107 price: e18

Shiraz, the great Australian grape, and its regional diversity, tradition and innovation 10am-midday speaker: Grant Van Every, Picasso Room, 1st floor, WTC magazine: National Liquor News (Australia) available seats: 25 price: e18

Great Reds and Whites from New Zealand 3pm-5pm speaker: Marco Sabellico, Giotto Room, 1st floor, WTC magazine: Gambero Rosso Editore (Italy) available seats: 102 price: e18

France: Discovery of the Nouvelle Ecole' Wines in the Rhne Valley 3pm-5pm speaker: Luc Poulain D'Andecy, Raffaello Room, 1st floor, WTC magazine: NOTRIA (France): The Mediterranean Wines Magazine available seats: 37 price: e18

American Meritage Wines 3pm-5pm speaker: Roger Voss, Picasso Room, 1st floor, WTC magazine: Wine Enthusiast Magazine (USA) available seats: 29 price: e18

14 April Great Expectations 10am-midday speaker: Various, Raffaello Room, 1st floor, WTC magazine: L'Assaggiatore (Italy) available seats: 37 price: e18


Thursday 10 April 10.30am-1pm Auditorium Verdi - Centrocongressi Europa Opening ceremony and Cangrande Prize Award for Winemaking and Viticulture

Veronafiere 2.30pm-5pm Sala Vivaldi - Centrocongressi Europa Conference: The state of national olive culture and production, and of OCM olive oil

Veronafiere - SOL 2.30pm-6pm Sala Bellini - Centrocongressi Arena Meeting: Wine - the product and its success on the German market

Meinenger Verlag GMBH 3pm-6pm Sala Respighi - 1 piano Pal. WTC Conference: Regional Commission and Equal Opportunity and ONILFA - Regione Veneto

Friday 11 April Commissione Regionale Pari Opportunit e ONILFA - Regione Veneto 9am-1pm Sala Vivaldi - Centrocongressi Europa Conference: ASSODISTILL

Associazione Nazionale Industriali Distillatori di Alcoli e di Acquaviti 9am-1pm Sala Salieri - Centrocongressi Europa Conference: CAVIRO

CAVIRO 9am-1pm Auditorium Verdi - Centrocongressi Europa Assembly: General Assembly Assoenologi

Associazione Enologi ed Enotecnici Italiani in collaborazione con Veronafiere 10am-1pm Sala Puccini - Centrocongressi Arena Conference: New Opportunities for a Landscaped Olive Production

Veronafiere - SOL 10am-1pm Sala Respighi - 1 piano Pal. WTC Conference: The safeguarding of extra virgin olive oil: analytical, technological and industrial aspects

Veronafiere in collaborazione con Star Parco Scientifico 11am-1pm Sala Bellini - Centrocongressi Arena Meeting: Domori Press Conference

Domori 3pm-6pm Sala Rossini - Centrocongressi Arena Conference: Meteorology, climate and viticulture

Veronafiere ein collaborazione con Informatore Agrario 3pm-6pm Saletta Mozart - I Piano Palazzo World Trade Centre Meeting: SOL D'Oro Prize giving

Veronafiere 3pm-6pm Sala Respighi - 1 piano Pal. WTC Conference: Il Groppello - Testimony of Brescia's territory Consorzio Garda Classico

Saturday 12 April 9.30am-1pm Sala Vivaldi - Centrocongressi Europa Conference: A Spring Day for a Salesman

FNAARC AS.CO 10am-1pm Sala Salieri - Centrocongressi Europa Ceremony: Award-winning prize for L'Olivo racconta

Regione Veneto in collaboration with Veronafiere 10am-1pm Auditorium Verdi - Centrocongressi Europa Conference: Professor Michele Mirabella's interviews

Veronafiere 10.30am-12.30pm To be announced - 1st floor, WTC - Sala Giotto Conference: Masi Agricola SPA

Masi Agricola SPA 11am-1pm Sala Puccini - Centrocongressi Arena Meeting: International prize giving award Giuseppe Morsiani for viticulture and enology

Veronafiere, in collaboration with Accademia Italiana della Vite e del Vino, Associazione Giuseppe Morsiani 2.30pm-6pm Sala Puccini - Centrocongressi Arena Conference: Lugana, a great indigenous vine

Consorzio Tutela Lugana DOC 3pm-6pm Sala Bellini - Centrocongressi Arena Meeting: The Association GO WINE presents the results of the 2nd Edition of the Concorsi Letterario Bere il territorio

Associazione GO WINE in collaboration with Veronafiere 3pm-6pm Saletta Mozart - 1 Piano Palazzo WTC Conference: The masters of Primitivo. New and old artisans for the Apulian king: history, prospective flavours and aromas in the continuity of tradition.

Consorzio Produttori Vini Rossi e Mosti 3pm-6pm Sala Respighi - 1 piano Pal. WTC Conference: Organic wine quality and guarantee for the consumer. Confederazione Italiana Agricoltori

Sunday 13 April 10am-1pm Sala Salieri - Centrocongressi Europa Conference: Conference of the Associazione Donne del Vino

Associazione Donne del Vino 11am-1pm Sala Respighi - 1 piano Pal. WTC Seminar: Wine in Chile - investment and opportunity

Veronafiere in collaboration with ICE Roma 2.30pm-6pm Sala Respighi - 1 piano Pal. WTC Seminar: Olive oil in Chile - investment and opportunity

Monday 14 April Veronafiere e collaborazione con ICE Roma - SOL 9am-1pm Sala Respighi - 1 piano Pal. WTC Conference: Presentation on the matching of oils and menus