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So what were those snowmen talking about? Winning cartoon caption revealed

Published:  09 January, 2015

In the December issue of Hapers we set you a challenge to come up with a witty caption for this cartoon by our resident cartoonist, Rob Murray.  Well many of you were brave enough to give it a go and we recieved plenty of entries over the festive period to choose a winner from.

A lot of people picked up the "nosing" of the wine angle like "Bertie's got the knack of nosing out the best wine at a winter pop-up" from Louise Hill and there were a few that made it to cartoonist Murray's shortlist. These included: 

* "That wine has really gone to his head" 

 * "No, he's allergic to carrots. That popping sound was actually a sneeze" from Caspar Bowes

 * "I think he miss heard you when you said that his nose should be a good quality Carrot" said Matthew Kelly of Carlsberg

 * "Of course I don't object to his new nose, but that is NO place to put his carrot!' from Ben Whettingsteel

 * "I told Edmund he needed a better nose for wine before even thinking about embarking on his diploma, I fear he's taken it too far..." says Hannah Garner of Proven PR.

In the end Murray chose this entry from Andy Green, recently wine buyer at Booths. 

The winning caption from Andy Green The winning caption from Andy Green

Murray said of the wiinning caption: "I really enjoyed this caption - it seemed to fit the drawing perfectly and the wording was superb."

In reply Green told "Thanks very much, I'm really chuffed! It was a great picture to caption."

He said the picture reminded him of one of his favourite jokes which goes:

"Two snowmen standing in a snowy field, one says to the other "Can you smell carrots?"...

Green receives an original pen-and-ink drawing of the cartoon with his own caption to put on the wall.