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Elicite: Fine Wine Knowledge Manager

Published:  27 November, 2017

What did the grape say when it was crushed? Nothing, it just let out a little wine.

Elicite is an exciting new project aiming to demystify the fine wine and champagne industry through an interactive, media based e-commerce venture.

Stemming from more than 50 years combined knowledge, their vision is to become the go-to platform for all ages to guide and navigate you through the world of fine wine and champagne. They will provide fully accessible education to the masses through the use of videos, social media, podcasts, infographic articles and much more.

There is an existing team of 15 wine experts with long standing field knowledge and they are looking to double in size by their official launch date, June 2018. Initial conception of this project began in March 2016 and they are looking for positive, pro-active and professional people to join their rapidly-expanding new team.

Branching out of the typical fine wine and champagne industry, they have beautiful new studio offices in South London and have created a vibrant and exciting working culture.

Are you hungry for a new challenge? Do you want to be amongst the first to join the team, being a core part of the company moving forwards? If this sounds like your cup of tea (or rather glass of wine…) then get in touch today and explore how you can join Elicite on their new adventure!


Position: Fine Wine Knowledge Manager

Do you know your Merlot from your Mourvedre? Can you name a good vintage from the region of Bordeaux? If so, you may be exactly what Elicite are looking for…

This is an exciting new opportunity for a Fine Wine Expert to join this rapidly expanding team as a Fine Wine Knowledge Manager, working with each different department.

Your wine expertise will be used as a fountain of knowledge, with each new production (whether that’s an infographic video, a podcast, a wine presentation video, an article etc.) being created from the information you provide to the marketing team.

About You

Clearly, you need to be an authority in the field of Fine Wine and Champagne. You should have expert, in-depth knowledge – perhaps gained as a skilled sommelier or in a wine sales role. This experience should come with a WSET Diploma, plus much more. You should be a highly engaging professional who can work across a range of internal departments.

Functional Aspects

This role will involve aspects of:

- fine wine educator

- digital content creator

- communications manager

- providing support for MD and Head of Marketing on ad-hoc projects

You’ll be working within a team of wine professionals, marketers and digital specialists to bring a new style of fine wine education into the e-commerce space. 

You’ll have the wine expertise and confidence necessary to discuss and write about all aspects of fine wine, from the best producers to the classic regions. 

A great communicator in English, you’ll have the fluency of a native and be equally comfortable with:

  • writing blogs, producer profiles and features for the web that will make fine wine easy to understand;
  • simplifying the complexities of fine wine, to make it accessible without ever dumbing down;
  • checking colleagues’ communications for accuracy, correct English and adherence to brand guidelines.

You’ll be skilled at engaging with audiences of different ages, at any level of wine knowledge.


  • Capture the attention of affluent consumers online and engage them with great content about fine wine
  • Write features, blogs and articles that make fine wine easy to understand and fun to learn
  • Create engaging profiles of wine producers
  • Ensure all public communications meet high standards of accuracy, excellent English and adherence to brand guidelines
  • Meeting deadlines and organising your time effectively will be crucial to success
  • Working well as part of team is essential, compromise is as important as creativity
  • Interacting professionally and courteously with many different stakeholders, from IT developers and sales staff to management and outside consultants


Wine Related

- WSET Diploma holder OR can demonstrate equivalent knowledge of fine wine production, classic regions and premium wine styles.

- Regularly tasting and buying fine wines

- Minimum 3 years’ experience of teaching consumers about fine wine or advising consumers about fine wine purchases

Interpersonal skills

- Outgoing personality. Likes to share wine knowledge and information in an inclusive way, without attitude

- Comfortable engaging socially with affluent clients at events, in a manner that’s hospitable and professional

- Comfortable working in an open plan office with courtesy and professionalism

Communications skills

- Native English speaker or fully fluent in written and oral communications

- Can generate content ideas for digital features on wine, including:

  • Video and podcast topics
  • Educational blogs and articles

- Attention to detail / proofreading to a high level of accuracy


- Familiar with CRM systems and/or web-based e-commerce

Brand aware

- Can follow and uphold brand guidelines in all communications

To apply send CV and covering letter to