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Words to the wise

Published:  21 January, 2019

Fun fact: the Oxford Word of the Year 2018 was toxic. Why toxic, you ask? Every year, the eminent Oxford University institution chooses a word or expression that is judged to reflect the ethos, mood or preoccupations of the passing year and have lasting potential as a term of cultural significance.


WSET: from Bermondsey to Beijing

Published:  22 January, 2019

As the WSET hits 50, Andrew Catchpole talks to chief executive Ian Harris MBE about driving forward a great British export


Valuing Rum

Published:  21 January, 2019

Rums challenges and opportunities are clearly visible in the on-trade, where it is widely championed by bartenders and misunderstood by consumers. Jo Gilbert sets out to explore the many ways thisclassic party drink is unlocking its full potential


There may be trouble ahead…

Published:  17 January, 2019

The number of leaders with confidence in the future of their own company within the eating and drinking-out market took a knock in the three months to November 2018, according to the latest CGA Business Confidence Survey.


The Aussie-Anglo Alliance

Published:  17 January, 2019

Its well reported that Australian wine sales into mainland China have been booming, driven by a compelling mix of favourable trade deals, attractiveness of style to Chinese consumers and a firm commitment by the Australian industry to push into that market. Moreover, as with many other territories around the world, the US included, such buyers are prepared to pay a good price for the pleasure of listing the wines.


Back to business

Published:  16 January, 2019

Bibendum PLB is reasserting itself as a major premium player on the UK wine scene. Andrew Catchpole meets
chief executive Michael Saunders to discover whats in store


That was the year that was

Published:  14 January, 2019

As we eagerly await the Christmas trading results, Lisa Riley looks back at 2018 and the ups and downs across the drinks categories


New Zealand's evolving vinous landscape

Published:  10 January, 2019

New Zealands wine scene has come a long way since its inception in the 1970s. Jamie Goode meets the personalities driving change in leading region Marlborough


Beyond the surface

Published:  07 January, 2019

Alternative formats are sometimes looked down on by the wine elite, but the best packaging innovations dont just stand out on shelf, they create entirely new ways of reaching and interacting with the consumer. Jo Gilbert investigates


Will robots take my job?

Published:  04 January, 2019

As automated technology gets more affordable and efficient, it will free up businesses to place people at the heart and soul of the drinks trade if used correctly. Jo Gilbert reports


Harpers Events Guide 2019

Published:  02 January, 2019

A census in a rabbit warren, needle in a haystack numerous similes come to mind when attempting to get to grips with 2019s plethora of events. Concern over the looming prospect of Brexit hasnt dampened the trades voracious appetite for putting on a grand show, and next year promises to be no exception.


Can the trade afford not to go vegan?

Published:  21 December, 2018

As the halo effect from health and sustainability grows, pulling in everyone from full-time vegans to flexitarians, consumers are increasingly looking for the V symbol on wines. Jo Gilbert asks, can the wine trade afford not to be vegan?


Thirsty Work

Published:  19 December, 2018

Theres been no shortage of innovation in wines and spirits over the past year.


Unlocking Rioja’s potential

Published:  13 December, 2018

Riojas Viñedos Singulares classification is a major step towards elevating the regions status, writes Tim Atkin MW.

Riojas Consejo Regulador is the oldest in Spain, a body that owes its existence to a Royal Decree, no less, of October 22, 1926. From the start, the Consejos mandate included the right to take legal measures against usurpers and counterfeiters of the Rioja brand, as well as to issue production seals, demarcate the region and decide on its future direction.


Reviving Tequila

Published:  12 December, 2018

Thanks to its renewed reputation as a drink to be taken seriously, Lisa Riley looks at tequilas potential in the UK as an upmarket and fashionable spirit.


Harpers Design Awards 2018: The winners

Published:  10 December, 2018

Good design may only sell the one, first bottle if the liquid inside is discovered to be below par. But present the most sublime booze in a mediocre or off-putting package and the painstaking craft of the distiller or winemaker is likely to be left collecting dust.


The quest to boost festive sales

Published:  29 November, 2018

Christmas and spirits go hand in hand, with festive sparkle helping to boost the sales of retailers and operators who can convince consumers to shop with them. Jo Gilbert sits down with brand owners and distributors working to make this Christmas the best one yet.


Where's my order?

Published:  03 December, 2018

Linking up online and offline channels is now expected by not only consumers, but B2B clients too. Jo Gilbert looks at the companies bringing greater visibility to the supply chain while oiling the wheels of stock management and logistics


Differing States: US wine regions on the rise

Published:  28 November, 2018

Its been just over a decade since North Dakota, the final state to host a winery, joined the party, adding to the substantial growth of many states wine tourism and consequent direct consumer sales. Californias primacy remains constant, though its share of US production continues to slide from what


Your local, approachable indie wine merchant

Published:  26 November, 2018

Following The Vinekings soft opening of The Tasting Rooms in Reigate last month, Lisa Riley meets the brains behind the new venture and hears about the raison dêtre accessibility