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Ten dumb things to invest your money in

Published:  19 March, 2015

Wine investment must surely be the dumbest of all things to risk your money on. But where does it stand in the top ten dumb things to bet on; where you're sure to lose your money? Stephen Forward reveals his top ten dumb investment tips.


The Beaumont: Very Hip New Hotel For Winelovers in London

Published:  09 March, 2015

Like their collection of boutique restaurants, this hotel also has a theme - it is meant to evoke the elegance and personalized hospitality of pre-war Mayfair. Though I wasn't around during that era, the hotel is extremely elegant and also extremely personalized. In some ways, one feels as if one is stepping inside a Merchant Ivory film. The uniforms are very evocative of some past era, and the gorgeously decorated interior is filled with pictures that seem to have captured the "popular" set of that day.


Discover Rhone: Meeting Producers & Making Contacts

Published:  09 March, 2015

Though the Chapoutiers had their beginnings in Tain. Michel was quick to recognize the importance of the terroir - and eager to stop selling it to Guigal and put his own name on the label. Even more important, he wanted the wine he made to reflect the terroir, not any "style" of winemaking. So at the age of 24 in 1990 he was able to get a majority share in the family winery and the rest is history, with Michel owning vineyards in many places in France and the world.


Meeting George Spiliadis of Cava Siliadis

Published:  26 February, 2015

We sampled five wines from the Cava Spiliadis Portfolio from the very best producers in Greece, beginning with the Amalia Brut NV sparkler from winemaker Giannis Tselpos, composed of 100% Moschofilero, an increasingly popular Greek Grape from the Peloponnese with vineyards at an altitude of 750 meters with mountainous sand clay soil. The wine was quite crisp and refreshing, with intense minerality and perfect for any occasion. That night they paired excellently with oysters.


Discovering the region of Castilla-La Mancha

Published:  26 February, 2015

The quality of the wines were all very good, and well balanced. The labels were also interesting to behold, as some reflected the traditional Spanish label, while others were almost new wave, designed to stand out on a supermarket shelf.


Enjoy the Crowd Funded party, it may be short-lived

Published:  23 February, 2015

I hate February with all my heart. And it's not just because it's that miserable time of year that I have my annual bath. Nor is it solely down to the fact that I have the charisma, predominantly, of an Ogre intent on spoiling a party.


Start your own blog here

Published:  18 February, 2015

We are offering you the chance to start your very own blog here on


The 11th Commandment - Don't offend wine critics

Published:  13 February, 2015

I found out recently that in the world of journalism it's apparently OK to mock the prophet Mohammad, but offending a Wine Critic is just one step too far.


Tim Atkin called Vinopolis a 'failure', but is he right and is that fair?

Published:  09 February, 2015

Those of the more fortunate readers amongst you who can cough up the annual Harpers Wine mag subscription fee were treated this month to Tim Atkin's take on the imminent closure of London's Vinopolis. But is his critique a fair reflection of the state of affairs at London's premier wine venue?


Stop taking the pessina, Boots

Published:  05 February, 2015

It doesn't matter how much you try, you can't polish a turd. At least that was the lesson this week for the poor old sods that work at Boots as they embarked on damage limitation following an almighty foul-up at the High Street pharmacy chain.


Please Sir, I want some more?

Published:  24 January, 2015

I've heard it all this week. It turns out that Majestic wine, of all companies, has done an Oliver Twist. They've colluded with a bunch of other apparently destitute wine merchants by writing an open letter begging their Bordeaux suppliers; asking: Please Sir, I want some more?


Smell of EX-cess

Published:  27 January, 2015

What could the wine industry learn from the perfume one?


Competitive advantage through customer experience

Published:  18 January, 2015

News emerged this week that A&E waiting times in the UK have reached record levels. This is bad news on several fronts but, if my family are anything to go by, the A&E crisis may be partially attributable to the nation's deteriorating cooking skills.


Why Bordeaux producers should resist calls to 'reduce' their 2014 prices

Published:  31 December, 2014

Wine investors have been bitching about Bordeaux release prices for the last few years. According to investors, for the 2014 release, "The pressure will be on the producers to get their prices right". But what is the 'right price' and in whose interest is this 'right price'?


Wine Country Resort Review: 5 Star Il Boscareto Resort

Published:  01 December, 2014

Lovers of both the modern and traditional style of Barolo will definitely be attracted to the very modern, five star Il Boscareto Resort, located in Serralunga d'Alba, which appeals to all the senses in its gorgeously designed rooms and suites, state of the art spa, very well appointed exercise room, and of course its two restaurants. The fine dining restaurant has an excellent selection of vintage wines from the region's producers, and it's where the top producers often gather for celebratory dinners.


Interview with Ze'ev Dunie of Seahorse Winery

Published:  26 November, 2014

Interview with Ze'ev Dunie of Seahorse Winery, Judea Hills


Stephen Forward: drinks industry under attack!

Published:  07 November, 2014

If you thought fox hunting had been banned, think again. It appears the concept has just mutated. Some people still get a thrill from the chase, so while it may be illegal to hunt and kill bushy tailed carnivorous mammals using horns, dogs and horses, a new form of hunting has now evolved.


Whatever happened to common sense?

Published:  28 October, 2014

We've all heard the term "more money than sense", haven't we? Well, recently I was offered a case of Domaine de la Romanee-Conti 2011, at a mere £100,000 per dozen.


Piper-Heidsieck Chef de Caves Régis Camus' 20th anniversary

Published:  23 October, 2014

Mr. Camus joined Piper Heidsieck in 1994, quickly proving himself a master blender and taking an interest in every aspect of winemaking. "Style and quality are the result of many subjective decisions taken throughout the process as a whole, from harvesting right through to shipping. Therefore, one must be mult-italented, know what one wants and accept no compromise whatsoever as far as quality is concerned."


It's time wine investment was confined to the history books

Published:  15 October, 2014

This year has seen a string of investment companies go to the wall. Misguided speculators are learning the hard way that the whole concept of wine as an investment class asset is little more than fool's gold.